Monday, February 08, 2010

You are going to need more than Clift Notes.

Tarrant is a milliner. He's mad. He was born in Witzend to the Hightopp Clan. He might assure you that he is fine but he is always on the edge of hysteria. Alice doesn't seem to mind, "all the best people are bonkers!"
When the White Queen ruled Underland he was happy.
On Horunvendush Day the Red Queen sent her Jabberwocky to kill the Hightopp Clan.
Tarrant now suffers from survivor's guilt.

The only "person" that can keep the Hatter calm is the Dormouse, Mallymkum.

When the White Queen rules Underland again, the Hatter promises he will Futterwacken like never before.

Yes, there is a test. By March 5th you will be able to march into your nearest theater and understand and know the world of Underland. You will not go in naively thinking that this is the story of the original Wonderland adventures. You will go in KNOWING the risk you take. That you are just as likely as the person in the next seat to "LOSE YOUR HEAD". You will know to cheer Alice, the Vorpal and take the advise of Absolem. Iracebeth will not go quietly. She will not surrender her crown easily.
Pay attention. Doing battle in the ruins of Tulgey Wood are dangerous.

You have been warned.


  1. Looks like this is going to be a fun movie!

  2. I can't WAIT. I CAN'T!!!!!!! :)Bea

  3. Okay...glad to be confused for a Monday.

  4. Sit next to me, G and I'll pass you my notes. :)Bea

  5. You are going to "lose your head" when you hear that in my long life I have never read or seen Alice in Wonderland. I have the book and have for years...don't know what's stopped me. Will be interesting to finally try to piece it together.