Saturday, February 20, 2010

Second group of background GRAFFITI papers.

I don't remember showing you these finished GRAFFITI papers that I have done. These are my second set to be mailed off to KRIS and YVONNE. Honestly, poor Kris, I keep calling her every name but her given one. We must have known each other in past lives. :)

These background sheets have probably 12 layers of paint and paper with gloss medium between several layers to preserve what it underneath it. When they arrive at their destinations Kris or Yvonne can use them any way they want to complete their Graffiti Project.
They can cut them up, rip then, paint over them, their choice. I can't wait to see what they do with them.

If you are interested in how to do one type of background paper, Yvonne has an excellent post about it on her blog:

It's snowing again. Not much, not enough to have to really shovel the driveway but enough to cover the places where it melted and formed ice. Enough to cover the tracks from the animals.
Enough to make me say, ENOUGH!
My blogging buddy, Gina, in Ireland, posted pictures of spring bulbs that are starting to pop up through the ground. She was out cleaning up her garden. I still can't even see mine. This just seems like a very long winter, this year.

:)Bea I NEED to create, how about you?


  1. These look wonderful! Yvonne's post is great and I think I'm going to try it.

  2. great backgrounds!

    Spring is coming!

    you have to look will come soon..even if you are not believe it!

    from Vienna in Austria..we have winter too...but it becomes a little bit warmer, so snow is melting now

  3. Hmmmm, I think that yummy layer of drippy paint over the top should be your trademark!

    Love, Liz

  4. Deborah, I think I'm going to do another swap after this one so if you are interested keep watching and sign up. :)Bea

    HEY SUZI, welcome. The geese are coming back, the farmers are spreading the winter cow poop on the fields, I'm waiting for some buds to start showing on the spring trees. I'm ever hopeful. So glad you dropped by. :)Bea

    LOLOL I saw what you did there, KRIS! lolololsnort We would have a hoot together if we ever met in person. Fer sure. :)Bea

  5. Wow, how did I miss these? I guess while I was sick and now I'm playing catch up. Glad I found this post. These are great Bea!
    By the way, your graffiti pages were mailed today, so be looking for them. I folded them, because you said you didn't mind that, you could cut around the fold. So, anyway, this is great fun!

  6. Thanks Yvonne, I'll let you know when they arrive. I made photo copies of these and have already cut some of them up into 4x6 blocks to put on a new graffiti canvas. I'm having waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much fun with this. :)Bea

  7. These pages are wonderful and maybe next time after the work that is due for May's show I will be able to play with you girls. Traditional quilts are nice....but oh the rules and the exact measurements!!!! Patience dear Bea! Thank you for your loving support on m small make my heart smile and I know in time we will get a handle on all this. We have a thaw right now and the snows are slowly disappearing. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  8. Hi Bea, I have that same "name" thing. MY brain sometimes seems to think IT has a better name for people than their parents gave them. So I constantly have to go through this "name translation" from my name for people to their real true name. Good luck on the quilt!

  9. Oh boo, the link doesn't work. I am hopeless at names. So many words seem to disappear in the ethos just as I'm about to say them. Old age. Grrrrr.

  10. By the way, since that day, it's been too horrid to work outside. Cold and wintry showers. Just to make you feel better about all your snow!

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