Sunday, February 28, 2010


I warn you now, if you go to ALICE IN WONDERLAND thinking that it's a remake of the original story YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. This is a sequel. Alice is grown up. She returns to Underland not even remembering that she was every there. Since Alice was there and gone the Red Queen has taken her sister's, the WHITE QUEEN, kingdom from her.
There is only one person that can take care of this situation. Alice has to kill the Red Queen's darling Jabberwocky with the Vorpal Sword and restore the kingdom to the WHITE QUEEN.

Now, if you are lucky you might see the opening of the movie on March 5th but there might be a problem if AMC theaters go through with their boycott of the movie. They are upset that the DVD will be released June 1st.

They honestly believe that we, the theater goers WON'T go see the movie because we can rent it June 1st. HOW STUPID ARE THESE PEOPLE? Yeah, I'm cheap and there are a lot of movies that I will wait for the DVD to be released. They simply weren't worth paying theater prices to see. BUT, JOHNNY DEPP? ALICE IN WONDERLAND? TIM BURTON?

I'll be in Arizona. Zeus has already told our friends that after dinner we will be going to the late show and they are welcome to join us. I will be SORELY DISAPPOINTED if it's an AMC theater and they have decided to boycott the movie.

And, they need to remember if MAMA AIN'T HAPPY, AIN'T NOBODY GOIN' BE HAPPY!

Now, on another topic, Zeus and Number 1 son took a large shelving unit, that Zeus made for my fabric stash and moved it from the basement over to the studio. NOT AN EASY TASK.
This thing was huge, heavy and well built.
First they had to dig out the trailer, hitch it up to the car, to haul the shelving unit over to the studio. Then there was the matter of getting it up the steps, turning it on the landing and up another set of steps.
I sat up in the studio, holding my breath and praying that neither one of them would end up with the shelving unit on top of them. It got stuck on beams, the entire weight was on Justin's shoulders, it got stuck on the landing. There was talk of taking an axe to it, there was the dismantling of part of the railing, there was the sweating, cursing and finally the unit slid into the studio.
This all started when I uttered the magic words to John, "I was thinking............." Not something he's going to want to hear for a long time.
Now, it's installed up in the studio, replacing the plastic bins with drawers. The drawers were old and had started to crack. Although the shelves are open, there will be little dust up in the studio. The unit is against the north wall out of the sun. It should look great when filled with fabric. And, yes, pictures soon, I promise.

:)Bea Create, create then create some more.


  1. Hi Bea,
    Create, create some more work for the guys, LOL!
    I know all about the new Alice...I am prepared to be outraged or amused. Really, even if you are Tim and Johnny, How can you beat Lewis Carroll?
    Hugs and Love to you, Lisa

  2. Oh Bea, those magic words of yours almost ended in disaster, didn't they? I'm glad that Zeus and Justin survived more or less unharmed. Now you have your shelves all ready to receive the fabric. How wonderful. Love to you, BT xxx

  3. Lisa, clean up your 3-D glasses. Bring a pot of tea and we'll watch it together. :)Bea

  4. Gina, it was funny because after they slid it around my sewing machine table and work table and got it up against the wall with only a 1/2" of room to spare, Justin smiled at me and said, "Nice measuring, Mama."
    Zeus, glanced over at me and said, "You never measurered this did you, DID YOU? " lolololsnort :)Bea

  5. Boy I need a studio makeover! The longer I'm in it the smaller it gets. It's shrinking!!!!!!!! I'm ready for the Alice movie!!!!! :)

  6. Geeze, I can't imagine not seeing this movie on the big screen...especially in 3-D!

  7. Wow, that sounds incredibly anal by AMC Theaters.

    I mean, so what if the movie comes out on DVD in June. Most first run movies usually have a shelf life of about six months or so before they hit cable or DVD.


  8. G, it really surprised me too. I mean what theater is going to run a movie 12 weeks anyway. :)Bea