Saturday, February 13, 2010

A little help from a tracker is needed.

Well, I'm at a loss here, folks. Zeus and I went out in the yard to look at tracks this morning. Whatever this was was probably running. I looked up in my Stokes Nature Guide to Animal Tracking and Behavior and couldn't find anything that looked like it. The snow has melted enough in the tracks that you can't see if the exact shape. What ever it was was big and heavy.
Normally, deer even running seem to like to step in the previous track, according to the book.
I give up.
The pattern of these in a straight line look like the coyote's tracks.

Off to a B-ball game this afternoon. I can't tell you how much my spirits LIFT when the sky is blue and the sun is out and the light, at this time of the year seems to whisper of Spring.

:)Bea I hope you have a wonderful day creating.


  1. Well, this is very interesting-I am curious, so when you find out what it was please do tell us. ALso, I scrolled down to the pics of your studio.
    It's wonderful and it looks big! I'm happy for you having so much space.

  2. Awwww, thanks! I'm afraid the track it's self melted too much to see what kind of indentation there was. I'm kinda hoping that somebody might have seen a similar gait and know what created it. :)Bea

  3. It looks like a small child's tracks to me!! Most unlikely I know. I hope your team won. xxx

  4. Yes, it does look like a small human. Wow, you're surrounded by piles of snow - I've forgotten what that's like.

  5. The Tomten, perhaps?

    Bea: Check out the link for the Tomten, you may have to cut and paste. I think you'll love The Tomten.