Friday, February 12, 2010

HEY, you twisted my ARM!

I treated myself to an outing today. I stopped by the charity store and found that somebody had cleaned out their linen drawer. What a windfall! Linen placemats, lace curtains, dollies, feedsack towels, a pair of earrings that I plan to use with an art doll, three great 50's children's patterns, a wonderful hat feather and odds and ends of laces. I will be using all of this for memory books done in that shabby chic style. I even found some Easter egg dye which works really well for dying small amounts of lace. The bulk of the lace I will tea dye. All for $27.00, I was such a happy camper.
I normally don't feel comfortable showing pictures of more of the studio. Mostly, because I know that I am very blessed to have this space and it feels a lot like showing off, to post pictures. AND, I did say that in some private emails to people who asked to see more and then I got scolded for holding back and that some people have to "live through others". lol Then you got to twisting my arm and man that hurts!
So, here it is. I still have boxes of stuff to unpack, it boggles my mind to think of how I'm going to use up all this crap errrrr stuff. I better live long and prosper! I'm still hauling out fabric out of bags and refolding it and pressing it to store either on the shelving or bins.
So, there are all my excuses, up front and in your face.
Remember we were last looking at the area where I do my acrylic painting. These were the shelving units that you could see in that post. The right one hold bins with just about anything a body could need for mixed media, the bottom shelf are books for journal and altered books and some that are for just ripping up and using. All, from the free bin outside the used book store. So, if you were feeling sorry for those books, they have been saved from being trashed or rained on. The top of the shelf hold boxes, masks, odd this and that's and things.
The shelving unit next to it holds mostly quilting books, sketchpads for water color, etc. And, favorite things that I have acquired over the years.
Rather dark and this is the south wall. The sun does pour in these windows and warms up the room. I'm not sure why this shot came out so dark. That's where I do my watercolor. I keep all my supplies, paint and brushes in a storage unit right next to the chair. Very handy.
Moving on down that south wall is the paper/stamping section. I do love paper. I do love stamps. sigh.......... And, in the corner you can see part of my wicker basket holding my beloved skulls and bones. Yes, I am weird.
Here's a better picture of that corner and you can also see the things that I am storing there for when the hallway is completed and I can create my Alice in Wonderland Hole. Well, ok, there is my Hogworts broomstick, but if you enlarge it you can see the White Rabbit. And, that pink think is Alice's dress. I love the Halloween isle at the charity store. The shelving on the right has the music, tea, water, things that need to be put up on the walls. I'm borrowing the refrigerator from the pool area, during the winter. Zeus might find it hard to pry my fingers off of it when he wants to return it to the pool area. The microwave, tv and of course more books, mostly mixed media here although there is a fiber overflow on the lower shelves.
The wicker chairs are from the back deck and there because it seemed a waste to just pile them in the barn when I could actually sit in them! The quilts are not mine but rescued from the charity store.
If you look closely you can see some wonderful gifts that blogging friends have send me. As soon as I get my handyman over there with his hammer I can get some things hung up on the walls.
Zeus is waiting to install the glass block for that hallway window as soon as the temperatures warm up a tad. Meanwhile I have interesting insulation taped to the insert.
So, we move past the eating, drinking, reading books area, past the entrance door and around to the North side, the side that overlooks the woods. The side that makes me feel like I truly am in a treehouse. This wall is my design wall and until said handyman gets around to installing the foam boards on the wall I am using my trusty insulation sheets for design boards.
Here you have an assortment of story teller blocks, African blocks, blocks that I just like looking at.
This shelving unit holds fabric that has a theme. These boxes are labeled, they came from my old fiber studio. Eventually, all plastic containers will be labeled. As much as I love the look of wonderful old funky drawers and containers I find that I really need to SEE what I have. I can't have things tucked away and not visible because I forget that I even have them. I have large labels on the containers so I can see them. And, if I ever get my butt in gear and take my label maker with me to the office supply store I will get more tape to make the rest of the labels.
This table is for my embroidery machine or fusing machine when I want to use them.
So, this is the sewing area. Still on that North side. my ironing space is to the left of my machine and if you look closely you can get a peek of my Full Snow Moon art doll. The plastic bins on this wall are, are going to quilting buddies do.......have fabric separated by color. Like Blue-red, Orange-red and so on and on and on. The ironing board behind my sewing chair, the one with the Tootsie Roll Pop wrappers on it, is my Big Board which Zeus made for me. It sits on top of cheap plastic, snap together bins from Target. They hold scrapbook plastic containers filled with landscape fabric. Yes, it's all divided by Night Sky, Day Sky, and so forth.
Just for the record I am not showing you the center of the room where two large six foot tables are filled with stuff to be sorted. So, I am not anal just organized. Well, that's my story.I skipped two shelving units on the West wall. Mainly because my cutting table is a mess and I don't want to destroy the illusion of Ms. Neat. The shelving unit on the right hold fabric by color and yes, it will get put in the proper bin when I figure out exactly how much I have. My art doll supplies are on the top of the shelving unit. The one next to it holds beads, tools, clay items and paper making supplies.
You can also see my drum, useful on Monday's mornings when I need to generate a little energy in the space. I can get very loud when I drum. Monday mornings are also usually chair dancing days. I bet you can't wait for Monday Morning Video, right?

Well, that's the tour. Please leave your name badges by the door. Do come back again, next time to actually play. Wouldn't that be fun?

:)Bea Who love to create in her space.


  1. I love your studio, and the peeks of Alice in Wonderland...can't wait until the movie is always provide thought provoking ideas and fun!

  2. Thanks Dianne. It's fun to look forward to something like that. :)Bea

  3. Anonymous7:18 PM

    I think you have a little slice of heaven in your studio. My favorite shot is the dark one of the south wall with the best appointment of all -- that wonderful window!

  4. I love those windows. Our builder talked us into putting those gorgeous windows on all four sides.
    They let in so much light and look so beautiful. I don't want to take the candles out of the windows until it's time to actually open the windows and put in the screens. :)Bea

  5. OMG...You have found GOLD! The textiles you have found are exquisite and I can not wait to see what you make with these jewels! Your space is definitely a sacred one for the soul to run free! I have already put a little cash into the glove box of my small Geo for my forgetful mind. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. I love the red slippers and the quilt on the chair on the left.
    Geeeeee, I thought I had lots of stuff.
    So glad someone twisted your arm,,,,I've thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the tour, thanks!
    (Just awesome the windows,,,,aren't you glad you did them?)

  7. Thanks Mary Helen. I thought of you when I was discovering all those beautiful laces and fabrics. I thought, wouldn't we have fun hitting antique stores! :)Bea

  8. Oh Babs, you spotted my Ruby Slippers, huh? lolol :)Bea

  9. What an absolute treat to visit your studio! I love those red slippers too and am still waiting for you to get those red boots. So glad you found all those lace goodies. I'm sure you're going to do wonderful things with them.

  10. Thanks Deborah. Zeus snowblowed a trail for me to the Studio so I'm thinking about going over and start tea dyeing some of the lace. :)Bea

  11. Great studio - thanks for sharing!!!! Zeus is adorable, btw!!!

  12. Bea, what a wonderful visual tour. So much eye candy. I too love the ruby slippers - what a great idea. Thanks for sharing with us and please, artists don't show off, we share to inspire each other.

  13. Oh I want to come and play. Let me, please!! What a wonderful space it is and you've waited so long, it must be like being in heaven. I must get more see through boxes, I'm always forgetting where I've put stuff or even that I had it.

    Did I tell you that I used that black cobwebby material you sent me to make a wall hanging for my daughter and her 2 partners? They liked it. I forgot to photograph it but will get K to do so.

    What a scrummy post.