Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day To You, my friend.

Zeus used the snowplow to make some paths for Murphy. We are calling them the A1 and A2. He can now go all the way down and around the pond and back to the back door. Which is really nice for him and nice for me because I have to follow him when he's out and about. We have two large mated Red Tailed Hawks nesting in our woods and Murphy sure would make a nice meal for a week.
I feel, marvelous today! I'm knocking on wood as I type that. I woke up this morning and walked UPRIGHT out to the kitchen. No, early morning stiffness, no joint pain from the night's sleep or lack of sleep. I didn't sleep any better or worse than I normally do. I was up and down like usual. BUT, and you knew there was a but coming, right? :)
I have for the past couple of days, have been doing my energy movement exercises. Remember I posted about trying them for some deep seated negative behaviors that I wanted to change?
Well, my positive statement has been a simple one of wanting to have a healthier, stronger, thinner body. HEY, I don't ask for much.
I told Zeus, this morning, while we were having breakfast, in the sunroon, that I feel like I had a spinal treatment, last night. Honestly, I haven't been this upright without forcing myself to sit up straight for a long time.
I can't explain this but it feels like I'm uncomfortable if I try to slouch. You know how you try to sit up straight because it's good for your back and then about 5 minutes later you've forgotten to do it and you are slouching again? Or, it becomes tiring to even sit up that straight?
Well, I'm sitting up straight. I'm not forgetting, I'm not feeling like I have to force myself to remember to do it, it's just happening.
I know, I sound like a little kid about this stuff but I feel like it's soooooooooooo simple and why the heck didn't I know this stuff before and hell, I've worked with energy systems for years but never learned these simple tricks.

So, here's what I think..........if I'm this upright, I've removed some energy that was blocking the flow. I may not have done it for long term but if I keep on doing the exercises, we'll see.
Now, what is interesting is to also take note of what behavior or behaviors are changing with this change in my energy. Could it be this simple? I don't know. That's why I'm giving it a shot.
But, I'm still sitting upright. I mean, that just blows me away. lolololsnort
I'm a sloucher by nature. I got demerits in my girls college all the time for slouching in assembly. I was always in detention.

I hope somebody told you that they love you, today. Or, at least that you are important to them and that they value your friendship. If nobody has then you came to the right blog because I do.
I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy life to stop by and see what is happening in my world.
I appreciate the fact that many of you come back and back.
I appreciate all the new Followers that have signed up for my blog. That's is so sweet of you.
I appreciate the comments and I hope that I always MAKE the time to respond to them.

:)Bea Have a wonderful day and CREATE!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! I enjoy reading your blog!

    I cannot get your studio out of my mind...
    Last night I dreamt I broke in, not to take anything, just to look and touch and then leave.
    Then, I spilled my cup of coffee...
    and then I paniced and started wiping my finger prints from eveything I could remember fondling. OMG, what a beautiful dream gone bad. What a relief to wake-up, LOL! I wouldn't make a good criminal, I guess.
    xoxoxox, Lisa

    PS: There isn't a coffee stain up there, is there?? Just checking...

  3. Happy Valentines Day, So glad you woke feeling upright and energized. Have a great day,

  4. Thank you Deborah, I'm so glad you found my blog and keep popping in. :)Bea

  5. Thank you Tess, I'm still upright and above ground, which is always a good thing. :)Bea

  6. LISA! What did you do last night? A little Astral projection? My fabric is soaking up coffee right now. Ok, GOTCHA but it is but it's on the stove in a big pot. Next time you pop over just play, stop worrying. :)Bea

  7. I'm getting So bad,,was here earlier, enjoyed the post, and would have SWORN I left a comment!
    I said I love your header, and the fact that you've had such a great day,,,upright and all!
    (or maybe that's what I would have said,,,,,)
    muttering to self,,,

  8. I love your blog, Bea. You share so much of yourself in it, and I appreciate that. xo

  9. Well, Babs, sweetie, you just come back as many times as you want. lololsnort And, thank you for the compliment on the header. I found this old postcard in the antique store. I just love that little girl. :)Bea

  10. Thanks Teri. I do go on and on, don't I? :)Bea

  11. I think one of the things that I like about your blog, is the fact that whenever I come to visit (which is about three times a week or so), you have a brand pic for your header.

    It's actually one of the things I look forward to when I visit your blog.

  12. Thanks George! I'm glad you come to visit. I know I always enjoy seeing a new post of yours, too. :)Bea

  13. You go are on to something and the discovery road is an exciting one. I feel the sunshine was a special gift to us all! Sorry I can not make out what type of God's creature made these prints in the snow. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  14. And to you, B!!! Your red CARE package was the best ... especially since it was the last thing I encountered before my head hit the pillow on Vday night.

    I adore the little girl looking at the valentine coming through the door. It reminds me of illustrations in my mother's grade school textbooks.

    I have to go back through your blogs--I don't remember seeing the energy exercises. Probably posted during annual review time here.

    Today I have a FREE day to set up my sewing area and tackle some of that new fabric. Big fluffy snow has been coming down for a while--after my 1am return and it looks beautiful, soft, quiet and removed from the world.

    OOOOh...the water is boiling for my new green you, D

  15. Well, so many exciting things are happening to you Bea. I am a terrible sloucher, it used to drive my Mum made. I did ballet but it became fashionable to slouch! Now I sit with a rounded back and it's awful. If I straighten up it never lasts for long. Good for you. Go Bea!!

  16. Thanks Gina. So far two days up being upright without reminding myself to do it. :)Bea

  17. Glad you're feeling fabulous today and a happy Valentine to you.
    I've always been fairly upright, but as you get older, your tits go south and take you with them. It's a struggle to remain upright.