Friday, February 26, 2010

Good day for shadows.

Crisp blue sky, crisp morning, I think it's nine degrees out there and the sun is shinning. Good for morning for going out and taking some shadow photos. Isn't this sculpture beautiful. I took that in a graveyard.
I'll post more here later today. Got lots to do to get ready for Justin and family arriving tonight.
They are only here for the weekend. They are going to be so surprised to see how much Riley has grown. I see crawling races with her on the floor.
Grandpa will make the early morning donut run with the grandkids. Justin and I will be making pancakes and sausage. I have a recipe for pumpkin pancakes that I want to try.
Justin mentioned that he wanted to take the kids over to Olbrich Gardens. They have a big beautiful enclosed tropical world there. I think it's too soon for the butterflies but they do have some gorgeous walkways through the plants and there are little birds that live there year round.
Then, of course, going bowling has been requested. I hadn't been bowling in years and when we took the grandkids to our local lanes I found it had all changed. No more pin boys. Ok, they did replace those when I was in high school. But, for the little kids they have bumpers that come up and fill up the gutter area. Makes it more fun for the little ones.
And, of course, they have great hamburgers and shakes there, too.

:)Bea Create a beautiful day, for yourself.


  1. Your plans sound fun. That is a beautiful sculpture. I can imagine it as inspiration for a doll face.

  2. Beautiful sculpture in the cemetary. I have seen some pretty ones too and I am always amazed at how large some of them are., fun! I used to be pretty good at it. LOL
    Have a nice weekend with your family. Riley will be the center of attention I'm sure! LOL

  3. Great photo - I love the kind of day you describe - the bright sun, and shadows!

    Have a great weekend with your family - pumpkin pancakes sound scrumptious!

  4. Thanks guys and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend too. :)Bea

  5. What a super weekend you're going to have. I love that photo - graveyards are brilliant places for photography.

    Can I come over for breakfast? It sounds delicious. Enjoy the gardens and birds and everything else you do this weekend.