Sunday, February 21, 2010


Full Snow Moon art doll, 2010. She's about 8" tall, weighted to stand by herself. Her fabric is muslin painted with gesso and then acrylics to look like trees in the woods. I've added embroidery for some bushes, the kind that I can see when I look out my studio window, into the woods. She has a cape of goose feathers, a large silver medallion that reminds me of the moon, long braided yarn hair the color of a Wise Woman. The beads in her hair are actually one of that pair of earrings that I bought at the charity store last week.
Full Snow Moon art doll from 2006

I've got to go over to the studio with a chip for my camera to take a picture of this year's Full Snow Moon art doll. My style has changed over the years. This particular art doll was traded in a swap. I can't remember where she ended up. All I have is a picture of her.

Please take a moment to check out these links and see the amazing things that have been created to represent the FULL SNOW MOON. And, remember to click on the picture so you can see the details better. Have fun!

Yvonne has posted a photo of her Gorgeous Full Snow Moon doll:

Deborah has posted a photo of her Beautiful Full Snow Moon doll:
Barbara has posted a photo of her Wonderful Full Snow Moon art doll:

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  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Bea, I hadn't seen this doll from the past. I love the wintry colors which are so perfect for the "Full Snow Moon". I'm really looking forward to your new one! Mine was just posted...thanks for the fun!

  2. I've got your link up now. Aren't these great and all so very different. :)Bea

  3. Beautiful doll Bea. I love the stitching and especially the wise woman hair. She is just lovely. btw I couldn't like to Deborah's.

  4. Anonymous12:22 AM

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  5. The Full Snow Moon dolls are beautiful! I love the fact that the last was shot in the snow.

    There is also something mysterious and beautiful about the fact that your doll has no facial features. I love the embroidery -- this doll is a favorite for me among your work. Shoot her next to a pine for me...OK?

  6. She is beautiful and i love the stitching for the bushes! It's such fun to see all of them.

  7. Anonymous6:41 PM

    There she is for this year! How perfect she is too. I love the look of gesso on muslin even where it's not covered with anything, and the canvas it provides for your painting is perfect. The embroidered bushes are lovely, such delicate stitching.
    I wonder if you had any problems with that fine stitching going through gesso. I knew before reading that your medallion was a symbol for the full moon. She's wonderful!

  8. Wow, the snow dolls are impressive - quite beautiful. A lot of work goes into that.

  9. I have had a wonderful time looking at those dolls and having a good look at the blogs too. They are all so talented.

  10. is there a group that does doll challenges?