Sunday, February 07, 2010

Can you live without yours?

A sign of the times.

On the plane the tired flight attendant made her announcement about turning off all electronic equipment and toys. She followed up her announcement with, "IF IT HAS AN ON AND OFF BUTTON TURN IT OFF". We as a species aren't very good about listening or giving up our toys.
Oprah has asked people to make a pledge not to talk or text on their cell phones while driving.
It's become an addiction for a lot of people and not one that they can give up or stop easily.
The "right" to use our cellphones has super seceded manners these days.
I am still amazed when I see someone talking on a cell phone while conducting business. A gentleman in front of me at a food counter talked on his while placing his order and picking up his order, there by dismissing the human being, right in front of him.
I've watched couples in restaurants where one will talk on the phone while the other sits and waits for food or to be recognized.
I know a cell phone can be a wonderful piece of equipment. It has it's place.
I find it disturbing how important it has become in so many people's lives.
How did we manage before?

:)Bea Create and feel the joy.


  1. I hatre cell phones myself. I own ione and seldom ever use it. NEver learned to text with it and don't plan too. I can't imagine allowing others to hear my conversations. And the angry words that some people use publicly while opn the cell is appauling. I think laptops are becoming a problem too. I've seen so many people hang out in parking lots on the laptop with car engine running to stay warm (or cool). A waste of gas if you ask me.

  2. Sometimes you hear things that you really wish you didn't hear. :)Bea

  3. I agree that cell phones have a place. The rest of the time they should be turned off. I feel like things like this are controlling people too much. It is downright rude to talk on one when you are with someone else. Let it take a message and then call them back later. You need to be in control of it!!!!

  4. Have a cell phone instead of a land line, but hardly tale it anywhere. Don't feel the need to be connected 27/7. But if I were 20 again, it would probably be my most important item.