Friday, February 19, 2010

Busy, busy, Bea.

They may only be coming up from Southern Illinois but they are coming from the south and it's good to see them flying this way. I haven't see a lot of geese around lately, we've still got a lot of snow cover. I'm telling myself that these are early arrivals announcing a change in the season.

I've been working in the studio and coming back home too tired to do much of anything. I've been working on my Full Snow Moon art doll. Posting of pictures for this months theme will be on Sunday, February 21st. So, if you have something that you have done and would like to share a picture, post it on your blog and send me the link. I'll post it here for folks to go check it out.

Yvonne has already posted a photo of her Gorgeous Full Snow Moon doll:

Deborah has posted a photo of her Beautiful Full Snow Moon doll:

I've also been finishing up my two graffiti background sheets to send out next week to Yvonne and Liz.( SO SO SORRY KRIS) sigh.......I must be really tired if I can't remember who the heck I have in my swap. I started working on the one that I am keeping for myself. While a layer is drying I move over to the cutting table and continue to cut more squares to sew together. I decided that I wanted to work in pastels and pulled out the container with all my 1930's style fabrics.
I'm making a baby quilt with them. Lots of 4-patch and half square triangles to deal with.

When I've sat to long at the sewing machine I get up and wander over to put some gesso on pieces of muslin. When the gesso dries and then I sand it. The muslin has a wonderful texture. Lynne taught me how to do that. Thank you Lynne!

My monthly art quilt group met yesterday afternoon. There are only six of us and everybody has been gone for the past couple of months. Most of our time was spent catching up on news.
One member showed a beautiful pieced landscape she's been working on. I, of course, didn't have my camera. sigh.......

Zeus is down in Florida playing some golf with his buddies. He called last night to tell me that the high for the day was 60 and it felt darn right cold! I reminded him that if it was 60 here we would all be running around outside in shorts.

I still have a list of projects that I thought I would get to while he was out of town. That hasn't happened. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?

:)Bea Who is having fun creating, how about you?


  1. Liz? Who is this Liz you are exchanging graffiti papers with??


  2. Cant wsit to see all your graffiti papers. I am loving this process. I have made more! It's so much fun!
    Oh, I hve my full snow moon doll up on my blog. this one was fast and came together like I wanted right off. I wish all of them would do that. Anyway, this is the link.

  3. Boy, you two are up to late. lolol
    Anyway, sorry, KRIS, correction made with public apology. sigh And, I popped over to see your doll when I saw the picture pop up on my blog favorites. WOWOW I love her. Soooooooooo coooooool. I am so loving BOTH these challenges, aren't you guys? :)Bea