Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to the studio.

I know this looks strange but I wanted to show you the first four layers of another of my graffiti panels. First I put gesso on the canvas, next layer was paint to cover the entire canvas. Then I added 4x6 blocks of copies of my other graffiti work. They are applied with gel medium in a brick pattern. Very little of them will be seen by the time I am finished but they will give depth and texture to the canvas. Then I added some strips in the opposite direction. Today, I will use a transparent paint or two to cover the entire canvas and unify the work. I'll apply another coat of gel medium matt, scrape in some texture with texture tools and these layers will all be protected.
Ok, some of you asked to see my progress so far on this traditional design baby quilt. It's like doing a big fabric puzzle. I do have stacks and stacks of already put together 3 1/2" blocks so now it's a matter of playing with the colors and keeping the design straight. The entire thing is just two blocks a four patch and half square triangles.

:)Bea Have a GREAT day creating!

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