Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And, she did it again.

I guess she was a little pissed with her little piss ant. Zeus woke me up this morning shouting, "Look, it's a wonderland, it's beautiful, more snow, aren't you happy?"
Yes, it's beautiful, I'm blessed.

Off to work in the studio. I go up the steps and forget all about the weather. I open the door and greet my Muses cheerfully. I tell them it's time to get to work. I put on some rousing music to get my energy level up and dance around the studio. It's a sight for very sore eyes, maybe somebody almost blind? I don't care.

Many, many years ago a friend took me to an "event". The event was run by a very old lady. She had classical music playing and a bucket full of scarves. I'm not sure if she was a dancer or what she was. There were quite a few people there dancing around the room, waving scarves in the air. I felt blindsided. This was the event? My friend grabbed some scarves, handed two to me and off she went, dancing around the room. So, I danced. Yes, Virginia I probably would have followed the Lemmings over the edge, too.

I danced and danced, waving my scarves, participating. At the end of the evening and a hell of a lot of dancing we had lemonade and cookies. The great Oracle, the old lady, sitting in her comfy chair told us what she gleamed about each of us as we danced around, all evening.

I was "restrained, did not like my body, had no inner musical ear and was out of sync with life".
Gloryaski, I could have told her that.

But, in my studio, to MY MUSIC, I dance, arms akimbo, waving around, strutting my stuff. So there, old lady!

I tell you, as soon as Zeus gets me a laptop with a camera, it's MONDAY MORNINGS DANCE OFF with BEA. Now, there's something I bet you can't wait for.

Ok, enough chit chat, it's time to go check in with little Riley and then off to the studio.

:)Bea Create, Dance and then create some more.


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  2. I love to dance too Bea! Actually that's how my DH and I met many moons ago. My sister and I went to a 3 day women's retreat one time and before I knew it I was dancing to the music they had playing. I just felt so good. Before I knew it most of the ladies had joined me. We laughed and laughed. But you know who didn't join me...my sister! I think she believes I'm crazy!!!!LOL
    But that's okay, I still dance around the house all the time, and used to do it with my kids when they were at home. LOL Crazy? Maybe. Having fun? Definately! LOL

  3. Yvonne, dancing is an excellent way to move energy and blockages.
    I dance now because for 10 years, my knees were so bad I could hardly walk let alone DANCE!! You just keep on dancing, girl! :)Bea

  4. I was "restrained, did not like my body, had no inner musical ear and was out of sync with life".
    Gloryaski, I could have told her that.

    I just love that, it really made me laugh out loud. It sounds like a nightmare event to me!! I'd much rather do it at home.

    I don't think I have any blockages!!!

  5. The Black Eyed Peas have a way to energize me when I have the energy. I can see you dancing from my cabin in the woods...yes we are getting some more snow tonight. Hugs for your energy! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen