Sunday, January 17, 2010

Too much fun.

It certainly hasn't warmed up like the weather people promised. The high for the last couple of days hasn't been over 22 degrees. This morning I woke up to another overcast sky and frost covering everything. The snow is slowly melting but that just means it's sinking down a 1/16th of an inch. The overcast sky is keeping the temperatures down below the 38 degrees they promised. I feel like a little kid........YOU PROMISED!

Folding and pressing fabric to put on the shelves is usually a relaxing job. I have nice background music on and the simple task lets my mind wander. Fortunately, my eyes and brain were working and when I saw the piece of fabric, for the tree, I had to stop and start my February Full Moon block.
OK, maybe it was an excuse to stop ironing. It's not my favorite job. When my mother remarried, my step father insisted that his cotton sheets and boxers be ironed. After wash day, my step sister would race to the basement and divide up the ironing baskets. She would them start ironing pillowcases, leaving the sheets and boxer shorts for me.
So, where was I? Oh, my February Full Snow Moon block. I am really pleased with how this came out. When things flow I figure that's a good thing.
These are the two blocks together. And, no they aren't the same size. February's block is smaller in width. I still want to do some handwork on each block. I would like to add a black outline of trees on the darkest mountains in the January block and add snow to the tree, on the February block. The storyteller and children are slightly different in shapes on this block. The fabric makes it look like they are wearing fur blankets, doesn't it?

The first sheet of graffiti paper is done. I love the fact that I am using the techniques that I learned in Julie's Layer Love class for these. And, yes that a piece of tissue paper stuck to the paper. Have you ever looked at a graffiti wall, up close? There is some weird stuff on those walls.
These are just background sheets for Kris and Yvonne. They get to do whatever they want to them to use them in their final graffiti wall. I'll leave the spray painting or lettering them them.
So, this one is off the board and the next one has the first seven layers on it. I'll go back later and give it a coat of matt medium and then start more layers.

I can't tell you how much fun I am having. The studio is some what a mess but easy to clean up and put things away when I'm done with my project.
Time for some green tea and outside time with Murphy.

:)Bea Keep on Creating!


  1. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Lovely pictures, much fodder for creative projects! Can't believe you are on to February's Full Moon quilt block already. I love the figures again. They looked a little spooky to me at first glance, but now I see fur blankets for sure. I love seeing what you are doing with your full moon projects, but your pace is making it a little hard! ;)

  2. LOL, Zeus is down in the Grand Canyon until Tuesday. I have unlimited time to play. So, I'm playing. Life is good. :)bea

  3. well, you are certainly living in a winter wonderland! It probably encourages hibernating and making art inside where its cozy and warm. The paper you made is amazing! great work~

  4. That last snow photo is GREAT! How beautiful it is up there.
    Love your G paper. Very "real" in appearance if you know what I mean.
    Can't wait to get started on mine. Your block for Feb is done??? OMG Bea, you have been creating up a storm! Love it, love it, love it! Love the idea of different sized blocks. I did that for one of my quilts that was embroidered. Gave it to my daughter and her soon to be husband...had cowboys and Indians in different blocks. Your blocks are very exciting! Love them!

  5. Yvonne, once I got myself the day planner and started writing down my weekly goals (an old habit I thought I was done with, for good) I found that I had focus and direction. Just following Sister Corita's advise. It worked back then and it still works. :)Bea

  6. I LOVE the new block! I'm secretly hoping the moon theme continues. And I have never seen frost like the razor sharp edging shown in your picture. And fabulous colors in your paperwork! You go, Girl!

  7. These are all gorgeous, Bea. I am attracted to the grafitti paper,- I love messy art, - but the applique quilting is coming along very well.
    So sorry about the snow. It WILL go away eventually and then you will have lovely green. In the meantime you are making wonderful art.

  8. Thanks Kate. It snows, it's cold and we bitch, therefor we are Wisconsites.

  9. Oh Bea, I'll never remember all the things to comment on! The frosty photos are fabulous. Those frosty spikes are huge!

    Your graffiti page is fabulous. I love putting tissue paper on things too. The blocks look wonderful. I am knitting odd sized rectangles at the moment to make a sort of quilt - or something! I googled your house and found you! Google maps. What fun.

  10. Well, Gina you and I like to take similar pictures. We would have so much fun on a photo shoot together.
    You would say, "You go ahead and take the picture" and "I would say, no you", and you would say "no you" and so forth." :)Bea

  11. I am a little behind on my readings but your Moon Images are totally superb!!! You are on your way Bea ...I will photograph my small design elements soon for you...Green tea sounds great too. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen

  12. Wow, these are stunningly gorgeous.