Monday, January 11, 2010

This should end the discussion about cold.

My front walkway. I kid you not that's our snow so far. That itty bitty little path is my front walkway up to the house. I can't make it wider for people because it's frozen under that snow.
So, I know you are cold in the south and I know you are cold where it doesn't get down to 27 degrees normally BUT your weather will soon change and you will be toasty warm. Those of us up here in the tundra will be looking at this stuff for the next four month.

Don't have any behavioral changes you want to make, for the New Year? Why you are practically perfect, I forgot. Well, here's something you can tap and say out loud.
These are variations on the Buddha's original phrases.

May I feel protected and safe.

May I feel contented and pleased.

May my physical body support me with strength.

May my life unfold smoothly with ease.

I say variations of these in my daily meditation period. I don't just say them for myself but for people close to me, my friends, those in need, strangers and just send it out into the world.
I figure anything might help.

If you are having some stress right now, in your life. Pick one or two or more of these phrases and say them out loud as you do the Temporal Tapping. If you reduce your stress level, it's good, right? If your stress level is reduced your health benefits, right?

So, where can you go wrong just trying it, huh?

The border is on the quilt. I worked on a block for a swap only to have so much fun that I made it bigger than I should have. Back to the drawing board but I do have a cool center for a wall hanging now.

Zeus and sons and one DIL are hiking down into the Grand Canyon this weekend. I will be at home with Murphy starting my Detox plan. I may have mentioned it at some time last year.
It's part of my plan since I am now in week two with out drinking Diet Soda. It's a four day detox that is mostly liquid, highly nutritious and less taxing on my body.

To prepare to cleanse these first three days I will be focusing on only eating whole grains, vegetables, fruit, fruit, fish and chicken. NO SUGAR, DAIRY or FRIED FOODS allowed.
That isn't really going to be so hard since two of those three I seldom eat. Lots of water and I will try to cut back on my caffeine. sigh I did find my nice can of green tea with coconut. That will help.

Remember I mentioned that pain over my right eye, every day at 10:00 am? I knew it couldn't be caffeine since I had my usual two cups in the morning. I honestly think it was whatever is in the sodas (chemicals). It took a FULL week for that to go away. Lasted about one to two hours. I am so glad to be done with that.

I'm off to the gym. Time to do my swim/run/laps and think about more projects.

:)Bea How can you help NOT creating. It's a big part of who you are.


  1. I'll have to give the Temporal Tapping a go - have to work on being nicer.

    Couldn't do without my cheese - blue, goat, asiago. I live for cheese.

    If they listed what was in that can of diet soda, but truthfully...

  2. I absolutely LOVE cheese and yogurt and this might be harder than I think it's going to be. We'll see. :)Bea

  3. I'm very thankful that I have a warm apartment. Not sure what made me go out it the cold! Hopefully I will remember that when it's 105 out this summer. :) Be careful out there, and keep warm! Congrats on the detox!

  4. OH. MY. GOD. I will never again complain about snow! That is unbelievable! We used to live in upstate NY and I had forgotten how awful the winters are up North. Sorry.
    Sounds like the health and fitness program is coming right along! Good luck!

  5. Now THAT is snow!
    And Bea, I love that quilt in the previous post, such a Happy quilt.
    Much good luck with the toxin thing,,,

  6. My goodness that's a lot of snow. Yep, we only stay cold for a few days then back into the 60's we go.
    Your meditations phrases are wonderful. I'm still going to try the temporal tapping but just haven't got to it yet....I know blah, blah, blah...excuses, excuses. But I do plan on it. Good luck with all you are doing Bea. I think it's wonderful and you are an inspiration. I will just keep reading your posts and will soon get on the stick. :) I am creating though. Working on my blue moon piece today. Stay warm.

  7. Actually, no, pretty photos are fine, because you're showing your condition and your environs - the weather bureau is your client here.

    Now if you were to go out in 16ft of snow and do a close-up of a snowflake - well, where's all the snow? As long as you illustrate your story.

  8. Ok, I guess I probably should have mentioned that I was responding to some emails I had from folks down in Florida that were moaaaaaaaaaaaaaaning about the cold. sigh........I know, thin blood, they aren't used to it, losses for the farmers. I'll try to be more understanding. snort :)Bea

  9. Yeah, that toxin thing. I mentioned to my daughter that I would be doing it and she was quite for a moment and then said that she thought she might go stay with some friends for the weekend.
    WHY DOES EVERYBODY THINK I'M GOING TO GO OFF THE DEEP END? lol Yeah, I might be a little growly by Sat. I'm sure I'll let you ALL know about it. :)Bea

  10. Geesch, Wolynski, what am I going to do with those close up pictures of snow "feathers" I took this morning on my walk over to the studio? sigh :)Bea

  11. I think I'm fortunate not to have gotten whacked with that much snow in recent years.

    Then again, even a couple of inches of snow makes the capitol of Connecticut come to a standstill, since their snow plowing is more reactive than proactive.

    In any event, the picture oozes a quietness that you can only find out in the country.

  12. Yes..that's alot of snow! At least you are choosing a quiet time of year to start all your'll do just fine!

  13. I'm going to have to look into the tapping. You're having such great success with it, keep it up!

  14. Hmmm, will have to google temporal tapping.......
    Yes, you have beat us out in the snow dept - Va is experiencing definitely unseasonable frigid temps and snow - but, nothing compared to you, the midwest and parts north!!!!
    Think warm, and visit us for Tea on Tuesdays!!!!

  15. I am as amazed as anybody as my success with this technique. If someone stopped me on the street and told me about it I would smirk and say, right.
    I was skeptical. I tried it as an experiment. I altered the positive message to make sure that it was working for me. It worked.
    What can I say?
    I repeat, the fact that it requires NO WILL POWER on my part is the big plus. :)Bea

  16. Wow, that is a mountain of snow!! Amazing. All ours has gone. Hoorah and we have water and heat again. It's wonderful.

    Spring, oh yes, bring it on.

    You will get so thin you will disappear down a drain. Don't go too mad with your detoxing and dieting and head banging!! lol.