Thursday, January 28, 2010


I checked my blog, one last time, last night before I went to bed and what do you know my blog list was back.

This morning I sat down to see a long list of faithful friends checking in with their condolences and their blog site links. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.

I'm glad I didn't need them but just having you all check in meant the world to me. Which is why you get the Sally Field's special heading.

The sun is up and the sky is blue so I am just not going to think about how bitter cold it is. I will go over to the studio and crank up the Hot Dog furnace and work on a new project that popped up yesterday afternoon.

I was going through a box of supplies, putting things away when I came across a cardboard package of figures of women. They look like the little Ladies Room symbol. I have no idea why I have them. I suspect it was some variation on the Flat Stanley or maybe I was going to use them as postcards?

Anyway, I was smirking to myself about them when I suddenly heard the voice of Z'bea, the unpaid volunteer at the Zettiland Historical Society. I sat down, grabbed a journal and started transcribing.

Her story is over at Z'Corkey's Fieldbook Blog

Apparently, she has a plan and I think it involves these cardboard figures.

I've been participating in a world wide event. I imagine you saw the post for it. It's my first year and it's been very interesting. I've had a lot of visitors to my blog. I suspect many of them click the link from the main site, get to the post, leave their name and their blog link so that they can win the prize. That's fine. Some people have actually stayed and read a few posts and been nice enough to join as a Follower of my blog. I appreciate that.

Then there are some people that do not have a blog. Are not offering any prize and honestly believe that their name gets thrown into the pot with everybody else? Come, come now children.

You need to play fair. The purpose of these event is to connect bloggers from all over the world.

To find out that someone in Sweden loves Princess Bride as much as you do and like to knit socks.

I've been visiting the blog sites of those people that have visited mine. It's been a really entertaining way to get a peek at how creative so many people are out there in blogland.

Did I mention that Riley is crawling now? She has a slow start as her little brain tries to remember which moves first, hands or legs. I caught her yesterday in the kneeling position, with one leg extended up in the air, behind her, as if she was doing a Yoga pose. Once she brought the leg down and it touched the rug it propelled her forward. You could almost hear the message to the brain, leg incoming, move opposite arm.

She's at her Daddy's apartment tonight. Mary's best friend got them tickets for the play Rent which is in town. She is so excited. She does her volunteer work at the after school site, Light and then goes to have dinner with her friend and the play. She told me that on Tuesday, at the site they had 10 kids stop in after school. She helped a number of them with their homework and then they served a hot supper for the kids. It's run by her church and I think it's a wonderful idea. She laughed when she said that six other kids stopped in, looked around and then left but she suspects that they will be back. It's cold outside, no where for these kids to go and having somebody help you with your homework and feed you is a good thing.

Off to the studio. Do go check out the links, in this post,
to see the January Full Wolf Moon objects that some very creative people have made:

:)Bea Create as if your life was short.


  1. I am running as fast as I can...and the computer goddess over the Internet was watching over you...Let me know how I can get my wolf moon to you...I am a slow learner.

    Your daughter is working a miracle with those children in the after school program...we have so many lost young souls after the school doors close at four o clock.

    Go Riley Go!!! Isn't this life great!!!! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Sounds like all is well.

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