Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some things just inspire you.

Louie, wishing and hoping and wishing and sighing............

I'm a STAR WARS kind of girl. I love STAR WARS. Loved the effects, loved the message and still will happily put the DVD in and watch it again. I think I'll be adding AVATAR to that favorites collecting.

Zeus took me out for dinner at Pizza Hut, last night, where a darling little college age girl asked me if I made my multi-colored, quilted jacket. I wish I had, I told her. She told me that she really loved it and thought I might have made it since I look so "crafty" with my jewelry.
I was wearing a yellow linen men's shirt with my big chunky rough turquoise stone necklace and my usual collection of bangles and those stretch beaded bracelets.
The point is I feel "artsy" when I wear them and it looked "Artsy/crafty" to her. SCORE!

This is a big deal. Most of the time I blend in with the rest of the Wisconsin population of well fed Germans who have nice smiles. We wear comfortable shoes and elastic waistbands. So, my little attempts at looking like an artist, to the outside world, paid off. Well, they did, in the local Pizza Hut!!

After dinner we went to the movies. Zeus was indulging me since I know that science fiction isn't what he likes that much. He didn't think he was going to like the 3-D effect and was worrying that it might make him feel sick. We smuggled in coffee. I made him take off his puffy vest so I could put it over the coffee cup. I'm sure as I walked by the ticket collecting person she couldn't smell the scent of fresh hot coffee. But, I'm a senior and she was young..........

If you haven't seen Avatar then I suggest seeing it just for the special effects, the GORGEOUS foliage of the planet, the decent plot, the wonderful spiritual message and the flying dragons.
I'm also a fan of the Dragon Riders of Pern one of my all time read many times, over and over, book. I think movie technology has reached the point where somebody out there can actually make a movie about the Dragon Riders of Pern.

Anyway, the guy across the isle from me actually pumped his arms in the air, at one point and honestly, if I had been sitting next to him, so would I. In fact, WHEN I go see this movie again I will probably be more vocal. It's the kind of movie that makes you just want to shout out, at times.

Zeus just patted my back when we cane out of the movie theater. He knew I loved it. He knew that I would probably see it again and not ask him to go with me. In the car he turned to me and said, "You kept the 3-D glasses, didn't you?" He knows me so well.

I plan to glue feather to the frames for the next time I go see the movie. I may paint some stripes on my face too.


  1. That's one movie I DO want to go see.
    Sounds like you are looking good girl. :) I like to look artsy, especially when I go to a fiber art meeting or and art gallery to see a fiber art show etc. It's fun!

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  3. Genius idea for the glasses. Yes, I dare you to go with a blue face! Loved the film too - those beautiful little seeds that floated around were my favourite and the special tree (forget what it was called). I think I may wear a hat now, just for the sake of it. I feel the need for some frivolity!