Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Six hundred and ninety one

That's how many posts I've made since January, 2007 when I started this particular blog. There are no prizes, no balloons and especially no clowns. It's just an announcement. 691
I guess I've had a lot to say.
My teachers from kindergarten on up would agree.
It was rare not to go home at the end of the week with a note for my mother.

Dear Mrs. So and So
Your daughter is delightful to have in my class. Her enthusiasm is a joy. Her talking when not called on is trying.

I have to say, my talking to my neighbor was not about boys or what our plans were for recess but about the subject. Trust me, if I didn't like the subject matter I wouldn't say a word I would be doodling in my notebooks.

Speaking of talking to my neighbor...... I was driving down my road and saw a guy taking pictures. I am not the kind of person that drives right by. I stopped, rolled down my window and asked what he was taking a picture of, what kind of camera he had, etc. Only to discover it was my neighbor, Steve. I used to call him Crazy Steve. It was not an affectionate name.
After talking with him, for a while, I apologize, Steve. You don't seem so crazy anymore.
Of course, he isn't doing clay work anymore and spending hours and hours alone in his studio.
He told me he hadn't been in his studio for about seven years. GASP
He's doing some teaching at the local technical college. We didn't get into what he's teaching.
We did, however spend a lot of time, by the side of the road talking about taking pictures.
He takes them for the Town of Verona and they publish them on their website newsletter. He suggested that I send him my pictures and he will re size them and submit them for me.
Yes, he will tell them that they are my pictures.

A committee, don't you love it? A committee votes on the picture to be used. It's not a paying job. It's more of helping the Town of Verona, mark it's territory. Although, I did tell them that I often take pictures of things that aren't in the actual town but you really could see them anywhere.
Anyway, the conversation made me smile and I was happy.
Happier, I should say. I'm basically a happy person on a regular basis.

I watched a program, on PBS about What It Means To Be Happy, last night.
The state of being happy seems to come and go for humans. The show seemed to boil it all down to how we THINK about things determines how happy we will be. Changing our thoughts or the way we think we can create happiness.
Some believe that we can heal ourselves by changing our thoughts and what we say.
I don't know about all dis-ease in our bodies but certainly my experiments with Temporal Tapping have shown me that some behavioral changes can be successfully made.

I think I was most impressed with the interview with a Vietnam POW. He spent three years in solitary confinement, in a room without windows and a light bulb that burned 24 hours a day.
What kept him and the other soldiers in that same compound sane was CREATIVITY. Without any tools to make something he and the others created a wall tapping alphabet so they could communicate with one another. They taught each other subjects, like French, Biology, etc. by just tapping on the walls.


The rest of the time he designed his dream house, for his family. He knew exactly how many boards, nails, bricks he would need. When the design was complete he would study it in his mind and then ask, WHAT IF? What if I added this kind of room or moved this. He would pass the days and years redesigning that house without any paper or pencil.
CREATING kept him sane.


Can you just imagine what you are capable of if you made it your MISSION to create every single day. To consciously announce that TODAY I AM CREATING if only for 15 minutes.
If only to make something new to feed your family or friends. To tell your children or grandchildren

Do you understand how much the SOUL, our inner being, our true self NEEDS TO CREATE.
That maybe creative people are happier people in the long run, just maybe.

:)Bea So what are you waiting for? CREATE


  1. Enjoyed your post and love the new header photo.
    Yes, I too believe that creative people are happier. They just see the world differently. They notice the details and to them it is all beautiful! How can that NOT make you happy! :) It doesn't take a lot to make creative people smile. Give me a rock for my peace pole, or a feather or a leaf and it just makes my day!LOL

  2. What an inspirational story! Creating does make one feel better.

  3. Thanks Yvonne, I took that photo this morning. It was heavy, heavy fog in some places and that scene was just beautiful. :)Bea

  4. Thanks Deborah. I wish I could get more people creating. I don't know how many times I will meet some professional and they will say, I can't do art. grrrrrrr :)Bea

  5. I've never been happier than when being creative - it's a joy

  6. I couldn't agree more!
    Creating is the cherry on the whipped cream of life.

  7. Yes, the happiness literature is not poppycock. I have been considering these techniques for years. It's all a system of directing the mind...like your temporal tapping. Affirmations, self-talk--it is all about what you focus on. You can begin to have a negative thought but the optimism lit says--turn it around. I have used this with so many clients. It has changed the way I look at the world and when I don't like the looks, I change the way I think. Don't know how I would have survived some of the stuff that's come down the pike otherwise.

    Thanks for circulating the idea--and I'm so glad your pics will get wider circulation, too. They are wonderful. Incidentally, I have the calendar hanging in my office and love that it welcomes me home everyday.


  8. Wow...I had a hard enough learning biology when I had a book in front of me and a teacher speaking right to me ;) I'd be lost with taps on the wall! It is just amazing how creative people can be...and it CAN save you!

  9. I can't get over how they even came up with the code then taught each other.
    Each showed how they would listen to the wall with a tin cup and then somebody would tap once and that was for first row, a second double tap for first row second letter.
    Ok, that's a B. Can you imagine tapping out an entire Biology or French lesson? But, it was creative and it kept their minds active and off of the situation that was out of their control. :)Bea

  10. What an amazing man he must have been. How on earth did they think up and remember that code. It just shows how resiliant human beings can be. Incredible.

    I am glad you met your neighbour again and that he is no longer crazy!! It's a little like me talking to Pete and Sandra. It does make you feel good. And you might be famous for your photos, you do take some wonderful ones. Hoorah for Verona!


  11. I love this blog...it is the brain can keep us sane...in our minds we can go places we have never seen...design our homes... create one stroke at a time create our masterpiece...return to serenity during the most difficult of times or procedures...create a calm quiet moment to be.
    By the way my neighbor calls me "Looney Lou" when I put my hand dyed fabrics out on the ivy on my hill to cure...it gives the deer some afternoon delight in watching me at work. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  12. Great post, Bea! Love the "Steve" story. LOL!! I recently went to battle with my creativeness in both hands against sciatica. I forgot about the pain so I won!
    Hope you get a photo published cause you take some great ones.

  13. LOVE the foggy header photo.

    I've never thought of happiness as a continuing state - you can be happy & unhappy many times during the day.

    Happiness can be finding an apple whilst incarcerated in Dachau.

    And, yes, some buggers LOVE to be unhappy - happiness makes them miserable. Actually, they're worried that if they admit they're happy, it'll get taken away.

    Being able to enjoy solitude and one own's company is the key ingredient to happiness (and creativity).

    People who depend on others for happiness - now there's a slippery slope. Yes, others can bring joy and excitement, but, in a pinch, you should be able to supply your own.

  14. Well said, all of you. Sometimes the comments are like a blog to themselves. Excellent reading for me. CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP :)