Monday, January 18, 2010

A rant........

It's foggy, gray, still cold and my mood, even though I met a friend for coffee is not the best.
I need to get over getting upset by stupidity.
While having coffee my friend and I overheard some ladies talking, at a nearby table. They were talking about the sermon they heard yesterday.
I'm afraid eavesdropping is not a good idea when you hear things that make you want to do a general head smack around their table.
Apparently, their minister, quoting from Romans told the congregation that natural disasters were the quickest way for God, to gather people to his side.

That God was responsible for thinning populations.

I'm breathing here.........................

Once upon a time I blogged JUST to share what I was working on. Then my blog moved into sharing stories and my thoughts about this and that. Well, I'm about to share again and if you are a follower of the above belief system PLEASE stay and listen.

A wise teacher, once told me that "the earth is a living being. It has it's own destiny, it's own spiritual growth in a system that we can't even begin to understand. We are to the Earth like fleas on the back of a dog. "

No matter what higher power you believe in. Trust me when I say that they are not thinning our population by creating earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Once we were close to the earth. We could feel her changes by watching the plants or other animals that shared this space with us. People seldom die because of an earthquake tremor. They die from MAN MADE CONSTRUCTION or MAN MADE OBJECTS.

A poor country builds poor shelters on unsteady ground with unsuitable materials and when the earth shutters they collapse. It's horrible, it's terrible.

We are out driving around on highways and overpasses when an earthquake happens and our cars fall off bridges. It's terrible, it's horrible. We would have been better off and safer if we had stayed at home, in the middle of the park, away from trees.

Haitians did not sell their collective souls to the devil.

Haitians were not singled out by God to be by his side.

WE, HUMANS create most of our problems on this planet. We build where it's not safe. We live in a manner that is disrespectful of our host.

We act surprised when natural disasters happen even though our technology has warned us that this might and will happen.

How many people, in this country KNOW they are living on a living breathing fault line? Have they moved?
It hasn't happened in 100 years so why would it happen now?
My earthquake kit is packed.
Not going to do you much good when your 40 year old or older home, collapses on you. It's not built to withstand an earthquake, it's not up to today's standards.

Natural disasters are terrible things and our attention needs to be on getting better organized, AS THE GREATEST NATION, to speedier help.
Faster help with water and tents for housing and medical stations and guards to protect the citizens from themselves.

OUR ATTENTION should not be on crazy talk. I'm not sorry if I am offending somebody.
Even speaking out loud the thought that a high power, any higher power purposely creates natural disasters to "thin" the population is just ignorance talking.

:)Bea Who is dusting off the soapbox and going over to the studio to CREATE


  1. Thank You. I personally feel Pat Robertson is senile. I grew up in some third world countries. When this event happened to Haiti my heart went out to those people. I ended up doing a 12x12 quilt called "Haiti: Hanging by Threads" which I plan to post on my blog after some finishing touches. Taking those stitches helped calm my soul. Do head for the's a good thing.


  2. Thanks for stopping by Dotti. I'm over my rant, for now. :)Bea

  3. Wow! Amen! WooHoo! You go girl! You tell 'em!!!! I agree with what you said 100%. I get so angry too when I hear those ignorant people saying those things. They have probably never even been close to a natural disaster, and especially never lost loved ones in something so horrible.
    WONDERFUL RANT! But I hope you didn't get your blood pressure up! Don't let them win! Proud of you Bea for this post!!!!!

  4. Thanks Yvonne. What makes me mad is some preacher standing up there telling these people this comes from the Bible so believe it.
    I try to imagine WWJD standing behind the preacher. I imagine him walking away, holding out his hands as he leaves the church, asking for those that follow HIS MESSAGE, take hold and come with him. :)Bea

  5. Anonymous5:51 PM

    You know how I feel...could have written Yvonne's comment. In fact, I think I did when I wrote to you and said Amen and You go, girl!

  6. I bet you really wanted to join in, didn't you? I would have wanted to but would probably not have. I cannot believe preachers are still saying that old stuff. I was told by a vicar that if I didn't go to church I would go to hell!! Charming! Churches seem to be full of the biggest hypocrites in the world. Better to be peaceful at home and take time to think.

    Excellent post Bea.

  7. Thanks Barbara. :)

  8. Gina, my mother would have been horrified if I had. LISTENING TO SOMEBODY'S CONVERSATION??????????
    Of course, she was always doing it. She would hush me, when we were out to dinner and say, did you hear that?
    Sad how persons of power can use it in such a negative way. WWJD?
    Gee, I don't know, many put his arm around your shoulders and say, "Love that curly hair, girlfriend!" :)Bea

  9. I think I would have had to turn around and said "What are really saying here?" Pat Robertson made me almost have a brain bleed...literally. I just want to get on a plane to go down to hold the little ones while the medical staff surrounds them with the very best healing modern medicine can provide. I have had heart surgery plus numerous brain procedures so my "control" button on my mouth and what comes flying out...I can't think of the right words right now...and I would have spoken from the heart...God does not work this way!
    Cupcakes are Morgan's favorite so I am making her a pink/brown/white printed cotton fabrics ...frilly little princess dress to eat her cupcakes in at her leisure...:o).
    Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen

  10. You go, girl!

    The comments I heard on the bus and in the store: the people in Haiti are all crazy - why can't they behave like proper people? They're all into voodoo; they brought this upon themselves.

    You know something? Just ignore the ignorant, the stupid and the mean. Oh, we're so superior.

  11. I knew I liked you for more than just your artwork and studio! Great post, idiot minister.
    what price we pay to feel special - and in the end - it matters not at all.

  12. Some people are truly F-tards. I think those ladies would be perfect for the Westboro Baptist Church.

    For those readers who may not know the Westboro Baptist Church, they are notorious for picketing the funerals of American soldiers and saying that they deserved to die because America approves of homosexuality.

    Amazing how small minded not only segments of the general population is, but also members of the clergy.

  13. Mary Helen it just brought tears to my eyes to see the children without their formula for three going on four days. I look at my granddaughter, in my arms, and can't imagine her going through that.
    I think if I had been by myself I might have said something to these ladies. I was with an older friend that was horrified that they were even talking like this.
    I could see she was really upset so we just left.
    I'm not sure I could change their thinking in a short time. :(

  14. Ahhhhhhh, now I understand about cupcake dresses. I've seen a lot of cute new fabrics in bright polka dots. Mary always has Riley in little outfits with pink and brown. :)Bea

  15. Thank you guys for stopping by and your supportive comments.
    Today, I look back on that post and feel sad that I even felt I had to write it.
    Sometimes humans can be so frustrating and stupid, mean, cruel and uncaring and then I can look around me and see the most beautiful, loving, devoted, smart, CREATIVE people, in my life, and know that sometimes all you can do is rant and then get back to what matters, HELPING in what ever manner you can and with what you have. :)Bea

  16. YES! Your rant could have been one of mine. Now if you had said the earth was performing population control I would be tempted to agree. :)

    The Haiti situation is horrible, other countries are doing what they can as fast as they can given the situation. I hope they don't rebuild on the same spot, but am afraid they will. I still don't understand rebuilding New Orleans in what is basically a fish bowl waiting to be filled.