Monday, January 11, 2010

The Pack, Up In The Air and Goals

I made a lot of headway, yesterday, in the studio. I started a baby quilt for my middle son and his wifes', soon to be, new addition. They know it's a boy so I used the last of my favorite zoo fabric. The pattern is one that I have used for my quilts for the Children's Hospital. It has a scrappy look to it. The pattern, I can't remember what it is called now, calls for four different block arrangements. I find that I like the look of a three block repeat across the rows.

I also remembered that the original directions were for cutting up fat quarters. That meant a lot of individual small pieces cut and sewn together. When I do it I cut long strips sew them together and then cut the size I need. For quilters that made sense for the rest of you, I know, it's gibberish.

Any who, today I work on the borders. I'm going to use three borders with the middle one using up the extra scrap squares of fabric. I love this quilt, it's bright, cheerful and colorful.

My Packers lost yesterday. I think whatever committee reviews rules for the season should consider more replay challenge calls by staff members that aren't the coach. Meaning, when a referee that is supposed to be watching the quarterback and takes his eyes off of him to throw a flag for an unrelated play and that said quarterback gets whacked helmet to helmet by the opposing player, somebody should be able to call for a replay of that and a call made.

In a game as close as that one these things matter. There were probably two other questionable calls too. All in all, a sad loss but I'm proud of our team. Another season over.

I am not a sports nuts. In a forty year marriage you learn to give and take. Old John likes somebody to watch football and basketball with and I'm the friend that he likes to watch it with.

So, I've learned what I need to know to watch these things. I like the pace of basketball. I like college and high school but find professional teams boring. The guys are too big. They need to crank up those baskets higher. Ice sports are too violent for me. Football, long but good for doing any hand sewing while I'm listening and watching. I don't do baseball, period or golf, he's on his own watching that stuff.

Trade off, he bought tickets for us to see The Lion King when it comes to town in April. Last night we went to the movies and saw Up In The Air with George Clooney. I knew nothing about the movie other than I like George. It was well worth the trip out in the cold. It's an unexpected, difficult theme and I applaud George C. for making a movie like that. I'm sure you can read about it in any review of movies. Both Zeus and I loved it.

I've set my goals for this week. One the baby quilt, two putting more fabric away on the shelves and third, starting to work on my Valentines for my grandchildren. I want to make them some fabric postcards. I bought a yearly, daily planner, on sale and it has enough room for me to write my weekly goals and progress throughout the week. I'm not being anal about this. I really want to feel like I've focused myself, for the week and gotten something done. This always hasn't been the case.

I hope you have goals and plans for the week. I know it's comfortable on that couch. I also am reminded, way to often, how short life really is. The loss of friends and family, some, way before what I consider their "time", reminds me to make use of mine.

When I set up my other machine to quilt this baby quilt, I'll pull out the quilt I made for Riley that I haven't quilted yet. Then I'll take one of the tops that I made for the Children's Hospital and get all three of them quilted, at one time. But, that's another week's worth of goals.

Have a wonderful day.

:)Bea Create, as if your life depended on it.


  1. Love the baby quilt. I love making them and I have a few more to make this next year. Sounds like your new studio/new year has really got you on a roll of inspiration and energy. Quilts for the hospital is wonderful of you to do. I just think of my quilts as hugs when I give them away.

  2. I put the border on it this morning, Yvonne. Then I went to work on a block for a swap. The block was supposed to be 12 1/2" and I was having so much fun I did it 16 ".
    Now, I have the center for another wallhanging and have to start over on the block. lololsnort Isn't life great? :)Bea

  3. Oh, Absolutely, quilts are HUGS BIG TIME. :)Bea

  4. Anonymous1:57 PM

    I love the primary colors and the scrappiness of the baby quilt. The new baby will love the primary colors too!

  5. Stunning quilt - love the colors and the way the motif repeats itself - repetition is comforting.

  6. Thanks Barbara and Wolynski. I think a baby and toddler will enjoy the colors and the theme. :)Bea If not they can return it to GrammyBea