Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Online Workshop you might find interesting.


If you are looking for an online class that will help you with your painting, learn new techniques, understand colors and their relationships to each other, this is a bargain.
Watch the video and then if you are interesting or need more information click this link:
to Julie's workshops.

I've taken Julie's other workshop and learned a ton of information that I never knew about using heavy body paints, glazes, how to lighten, darken and age a painting. Check it out.

I don't get treats from Julie for advertising her workshops.
I tell you about good things that I have experienced and think you might enjoy.
Trust me if something is a waste of money, I'll be the first to tell you.

:)Bea Always create!


  1. I've taken Julie's workshops too and I LOVE them!

  2. They are packed with so much information, aren't they? I really learned a lot from the Layer Love ones. :)Bea