Saturday, January 09, 2010

Java Time or To Blathe

One of my favorite all time movies is Princess Bride.
One of my favorite all time lines are between Billy Crystal and Carol Kane,
who play husband and wife. Billy insists that the character Wesley is mostly dead and what he is uttering is "to blathe". Carol Kane, Billy's wife insists that it's "TRUE LOVE".
I tend to be in the TRUE LOVE following.
You are looking at a picture of Zeus at morning coffee showing TRUE LOVE for his Hera.
You will notice, in his hands, is a cup of coffee in a disgusting color of pea green.
Zeus KNOWS that the cup is as important to me as the coffee.
I'm NOT a prima dona about this. It's just that I can't stand that color with my coffee.
I watched him go over to the urns that hold the coffee and look at the cups, in his hands and pick the beige one for my Hazelnut coffee and he filled the pea green cup with his brew.
THAT my friends is TRUE LOVE.
Well, it is in my book.
All those little things that friends do for one another.

Of course, Zeus can be a pain in the butt when it comes to cable TV.

It's not that I want cable. I don't but what I do want is some way to tape tv shows so I can watch them when I want to watch them. It gets so frustrating to use the old VCR tapes. The quality isn't as good. Anyway, he says he will look into the problem. We'll see.

Purdue vs UW today at 12:30. It's a beautiful day to go downtown to the Kohl center for a b-ball game. P.S. WE BEAT PURDUE, ranked 4th in the country, by seven points. WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOO

Apparently, an artist has put some sculptures on the frozen lake so I hope to get some photos of them.

Then after the game it's off to the studio.

:)Bea Have a great day doing something create!


  1. Isn't that interesting,,,Zeus's cup is one of my favorite colors!
    Ooooh, I hope you get some photos of the sculptures,,,

  2. It's not only true love because he did it, but also because you noticed he did it. Sounds like my husband, he's sweet too! You've got a good one Bea!:)

  3. Sweet. My husband would do something like that, too.

  4. Either we picked them right or trained them up right, huh? lol :)Bea

  5. I love the Princess Bride also and have almost worn out our version. I have to admit I love basic cable because it is a companion in the background when I work alone with my hot cup of coffee. I love the independent films, Sundance, HGTV, History and National when I am snowed in for months I find solace in watching films while I am making my quilting stitches. Imagine and Live in Peace and TRUE Love, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. Mary Helen, Zeus says that when they carry him out of the house he'll be passed by the cable guy coming into the house. I can see having those stations to watch or listen to.
    It's funny though, when I'm in the studio even though I have a tv up there and good music, I tend to work in silence most of the time.
    I can hear myself think, I guess. :)Bea

  7. Oh that Zeus! You're right. It is those simple small things that say "true love." Although, the men who appear with "meat" offerings have been misidentified as "true lovers." They are really people who have imposed their "color" on me. If they understood, they'd be sending pad thai and a smoked turkey. But that's another story.

    The pictures are great and John looks good. Enjoy the game and stay warm. It's 23 in Cincy and covered in snow (but shovelled off my drive).

  8. I love the Princess Bride and the definition of True Love. I can't tell you how many times that reference comes up for me in my life -- and I think that's why we love it so.

  9. What a handsome fellow. I'm so crazed to get my coffee in the morning, wouldn't even notice the mug's color.