Sunday, January 17, 2010

Inspiration comes at strange time.

Murphy and I were taking a break from the studio with a drive and photo shoot. I was standing by this stream, taking the picture, when it hit me that I didn't want to do 12, identical size blocks for my Full Moon art quilt. These days that kind of repetition bores me, to make and to look at.
So, while Murphy patiently waited for me, in the car, I could see in the ripples of the water a finished quilt with interesting sashings,(the fabric between blocks that connects the blocks to each other) different size width and length blocks and some great quilting.
I got back in the car, quite pleased with myself.

Murphy on the other hand was bored to death. He thought a ride in the car meant possibly, Puppy Day Care, or fast food, SOMETHING BESIDES PHOTO SHOOT DRIVE.

Remember, the BLUE CHAIR? Yvonne and I had decided to do a little challenge with that picture. I can't find the original spring one, it will turn up but here's the end of the summer one.
The chair is broken, a tangle of morning glories wraps itself around the arm of the chair and the shed looks even more neglected, if that's possible.
I know Yvonne is working on her piece so I thought I would get busy on mine.
I was taking this picture when I got to thinking about the Blue Chair and how I was working with just drawing lines and shapes, in my moleskin journal. From there it seemed, like a straight line to doing my Blue Chair, in an abstract fashion. I just love how this stuff works!
This isn't my tree for Julie's Tree Project but it is one that I am very fond of. Julie is a southern California girl so her Tree Project doesn't have any sharing of our trees in the winter months.
I guess she forgot about snow, ice, frost and fog. I thought I would share this picture. I like the contrasts and of course, I love the heart shape missing from the bark.

I'm back off to the studio. Murphy is taking a nap with Louie, apparently, Photo drive is tiring.

:)Bea Create daily, it helps you more than you realize.

P.S. Did you catch the pun? Zeus says I make them all the time and don't even have a clue I'm doing it. I did this time too and didn't catch it until I was rereading, for errors.


  1. Nope didn't catch the pun!!?? But I did catch the part about the blue chair. Now that I've had my R&R I guess I better get back on it.:)

  2. A straight line?......sigh.....
    I sketched out the outlines of the shed and blue chair in my journal. I'm seeing what it could be in abstract form. It's a really good exercise to do.
    I'm also trying to do less cutting with my ruler and more free hand cutting, even with the rotary cutter. I'm starting to trust my eyes and instincts. I've got all the basic skills down from over the years, now it's time to improvise. :)Bea

  3. I remember the blue chair photo well. Gosh, it's certainly 'weathered' hasn't it? Abstract, what a great idea.