Saturday, January 16, 2010

The hikers, graffiti swap and so much more.

I got my call from the hikers. They had a good breakfast and now are gathered on the rim ready to start a mile down into the Grand Canyon. Better prepared than early explorers and travelers, they have lots of water, good hiking shoes, are dressed in layers and carry sturdy walking sticks.

Many have I-pods but those are needed more on the hike back up and out. Good marching music to keep weak knees and muscles moving.

I have been busy in the studio. I've started my watercolor sheets of collaged layers for the graffiti swap. It looks like there will be three of us doing the swap.I once saw a You Tube video about an artist that used to travel around countries and he would slice off parts of paper build up on telephone poles or kiosks and take them home with him to his studio. Then he would add them to a larger canvas and make his graffiti art from that.
I'm going to be making my watercolor sheets a layered collage that hopefully will look like it's been up on some public space for ages. Well, that's the plan.

I also had a light bulb moment when I sat down at the sewing machine and looked at my pile of fabric Valentine postcards. I pulled out the orange colored fabric, drawer and found a wild piece of orange with lavender dots on it. I cut some heart shapes, sewed them on the postcards and stuffed them with some batting. Since my fabric postcards never go through machines and are hand stamped, weighed and measured it doesn't matter if they have a nice little plump heart on the front. I'm rather pleased with my inspiration.

I noticed in the recent Keepsake Quilting catalogue, that they had
some kits of the quilts of Gee's Bend, page 64. Debby Kratovil has adapted three of the designs into kits.
Not to dismiss either the Gee's Bend quilts or the work that Debby Kratovil has done it is possible to study these quilts and then get out your pencil and sketchbook and design YOUR OWN version or color scheme.

I bring this up because I found this book, Intuitive Color & Design by Jean Wells, on my sewing table. I remember getting it in the mail from Amazon and not having time to study it before I went on vacation. While I drank my glass of blended fruits I had a look at it. I'm glad I have it in my collection. It's pretty much on track with the direction I want to move in.

In her book she also recommends Ruth McDowell's Piecing Workshop and Katie Pasquini Masopust as authors that have foolproof piecing techniques and how to piece one of a kind compositions with straight lines or curves.

Day Two of the detox: No issues, no problems so far. Last night I was mighty hungry when bedtime rolled around. I had a banana and called it a day.

My dreams are detailed and intense.
I feel like I'm in school with a ton of information being given me and I don't have a pencil, I can't hear well and it's happening to quickly.

:)Bea It's always a good day to Create!


  1. Anonymous1:33 PM

    There is a lot of charming history in the Gee's Bend Quilts; however, it's unfortunately been at risk of being lost in controversy. Here is an interesting NY Times article from 2007:

    I agree, these are not difficult quilt patterns, and a sewer who appreciates them could probably design similar ones without too much trouble.

  2. Great post with lots of info. Hope the hikers enjoy it as I know they will. What a great thing to do.
    I am ready for the graffiti project. This will be lots of fun! Thanks Bea!
    You sound like you are full of energy and sort of like the energiger bunny! :)

  3. Thanks Yvonne. I have to admit, though, I look at all the wonderful things you have done and think, HEY, get going! :)Bea

  4. Great post, Bea. Love the little stuffed heart, great idea. I hope John has enjoyed himself. What a great thing to do.

    The illustrations all look great.