Thursday, January 14, 2010

He's off!

Another year and another trip down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I can't even remember what number this trip is. Justin, Shari, James and his friend Jordan arrive tomorrow, in Arizona.
Then Saturday, they all drive to the GC with John and meet up with some other hikers. Then down they go. John always wonders if this is the last year for him. I hope not. It's a wonderful challenge.
I on the other hand prefer to climb UP to the tops of mountains. OK, just one, Machu Pichu and one was enough for me.

Tomorrow, I start the next step on my personal journey and that's the DETOX portion. I hope to rid my body, over the weekend of the last of any chemicals from food and drink, maybe sugar and generally just give my body a break. I bought my fruits and vegetables today and have a nice big pot of homemade chicken soup simmering on the stove.

My daughter says she doesn't want to be around this weekend in case of any mood swings, on my part. I'm think she's over reacting. There hasn't been any, from the withdrawal, from diet soda, for two weeks. I find that rather amazing.

Riley is starting to rock when she is put on the floor, on her knees. I think she's going to start to crawl soon. She certainly is interested in moving around. Guess I'll have to show Mary where the vacuum is so she can keep the rug clean. Cleaner than I normally do.

The images, on TV of the devastation in Haiti bring tears to my eyes. Tomorrow, I shall drop by my local Red Cross, donate some blood and drop off a donation to help.

Speaking of donations, my local gym has a rather unique challenge going on, right now. When you sign up you have some options of how to participate, one is for every hour you work out the gym and their corporate sponsors will donate 10 POUNDS of food to Second Harvest, which oversees the food pantries for the city.
There is also another option and that is for every POUND you LOSE they will donate 10 POUNDS of food to Second Harvest.

I think it's a win/win situation. I'm going to see if I can sign up for both options.

:)Bea Find new ways to create, every day.


  1. I'm proud of you for stepping up to a healthier you, Bea. And also for helping out those in need. You've got a good heart.

  2. I think all of us need a little detox after the can only eat so many cookies and eat so many heavy meals before you think "I need to clean up!"
    Best of luck with all your goals!~!

  3. I am totally behind you in this detox process..try not to get hungry and eat totally fresh and very little processed and you will be on your way. I love the idea about Second Harvest donations...our food pantries are struggling to feed the hungry here in my county and we can all do more to help out. I am praying for the gentle people of Haiti and there are several programs that are already trying to reach out and save the children. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fern Stewart

  4. I'm ready for a detox also - feel awful after the holidays and miss that nice clean I-didn't-overeat feeling.

  5. I couldn't possibly detox - all that good health might kill me. All my poisons make me immune.

    Yes, the sodas had to go - worse than cigarettes. But I need a little sugar in my coffee.

    Did you know that kids exposed to a little dirty bacteria grow up to be healthier? The immune thing again.

    Trip to Grand Canyon - fantastic.

    The doll below is so lovely.

  6. You have the New Year by the balls!
    What in the world are you going to do the next 11 months? I am catching up on reading your blog, I don't want to miss anything!
    My wolf full moon is still just drifting around in my head...after I get this BUSY weekend out of the way, I'll bring him to life :)
    Love to you!

  7. Thanks everybody. It's going to be good to know that all of you will be silently standing behind me, in spirit form giving me support and maybe a dumb slap or two.
    The first day is always the hardest, the second easier and the third should be a charm but seems to bring up emotional issues. They must be tied to the stuff leaving my body and they don't want to go. BYE, BYE.

  8. Wow Bea, you are doing great! All sounds so good that you posted about. MP in Peru has always been a dream of day maybe.

  9. Yvonne, we were part of a tour group as I think the majority of people are and although you hear a lot of "history" it's rather male based.
    I had my own personal doubts about some of the conclusions that the historians and guides, all male, had come to about the site. :)Bea