Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gray skies, fog, a little rain, windy could it get any better?

Between running household errands and chores I've managed to get out to the studio to work on those ongoing projects. Yesterday, I went to Kinko's and had my 8x10 black and white photo of The Blue Chair, blown up to 24" by something. Actually, it's not Kinko's anymore. Seems like FedEx has taken over. Any who, they are having a special offer of 50% off of a oversize B & W copy. If you have one in your neighborhood you should check it out if you ever have to make something with that over sized copy machine.

While I was waiting for the machine I met a nice lady who was using it to make an enlargement of a rug hooking pattern. It was for Christmas and quite detailed. We discussed how addictive rug hooking is.

This morning I spent an hour and a half waiting for some sort of electrical part to be installed in all four tires of Zeus's car. I did get a lot of bookkeeping and bills paid while I waited. The woman at the check in desk and I also solved most of the world problems. We felt quite smug.

I divided The Blue Chair project into three pieces. I worked on the left side of the shed and windows and got most of the door finished. I'm rather pleased with how it is looking. I haven't heard anything from Yvonne lately but I know she's been doing some work on hers off an on.

I've got quite a few more layers done on my third piece for the Graffiti project. Pictures of all three before I mail them off.

Riley is almost crawling. She can push herself up on all four and lurch forward. She managed to get half way across the room, downstairs, Mary told me.

I can't say I have anything outstanding to blog out today. It's been domestic work day with a little bit of studio time thrown in. My brain is really still out in the studio mulling over what I want to do next with my projects.

I hope you had a creative day. I hope you are working on projects that you are excited about.
Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it.

:)Bea Creating every day if possible.


  1. Yes, I am working on the blue chair off and on still. Have been so busy in and out of the studio and actually it got lost in my studio for some time. LOL so had to get in there and organize more so I could find things. Now I'm on to finishing up some of these projects.

  2. We just have to keep reminding each other to keep working on it. lol I started out in one direction on my piece and it's moving in another, all by itself. OK, well, I'm doing the physical work but still it's changing on me. :)Bea

  3. Your photographs are messages from the lens of your camera and your heart. Somedays we just have to take one step at a time...enjoy the moments of calm peace and perform the mundane household duties. I find myself letting my mind make plans during these moments...freedom to create in my mind. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Those domestic days do roll around, don't they?
    I find that I am better able to have quality studio time, knowing that the chores are caught up,freeing my head for creativity.
    I worked on a page for a Traveling Sketchbook project I'm involved in today.Upon completion I will get started on the dreaded tech stuff for connecting camera and printer to my new computer and downloading software.I'd almost rather be doing domestic as tech!
    Your weather pictured looks very familiar,,,

  5. Hello Bea - thank you for visiting my blog via the FON - Friends of Neva connection. I've known Neva for several years and just love that she is known in the blogworld as one name!

    Love this photo. I'm originally from Woodstock, IL, so the photos of cows in the fog is a familiar site. And - a missed site, which I didn't quite realize until I came to your blog. Thanks for the sites of home! Well - a former home.

  6. 20x24? 20x30?

    I just had some 11x14s done by Shutterfly. I'm surprised by how well they came out from my little point and shoot.

    I'll try a 20x30 next or should I not push my luck?

    See, your town is your client. Now you'll be shooting with their website in mind.

  7. Lovely photo. I'm enjoying your photography!

  8. Thank you Mary Helen, that is so sweet of you to say but then you are a real sweetheart. :)

    Babs, I know what you mean about doing that tech stuff. Zeus seems to feel since I'm on the computer the most I know everything about it. I try to tell him it's magic but he isn't buying it. :)

    Welcome Renee and thank you for stopping by and please do so again. The pictures change, the weather changes and apparently so do my projects. :)

    Oh dear, Wolynski, I didn't even measure the large paper copy. I was just so pleased that it came out clearly. I've already cut it up into working pieces. It could have been 24x30. :)

    Awww, Teri, SMOOCH! :)