Friday, January 22, 2010


An older collaged background page, for my life journal.

This is your gentle reminder that starting on Sunday, January 25th I will be posting a picture of my completed Full Wolf Moon art doll.
If you have something completed for this challenge, please post a picture on your blog or whatever albums you use and send the link to me. I'll post it on my blog for everybody to troop over there to oooooooooh and aaaaaaaaah. It's mandatory. All visitors are voice tested for appropiate pitch.

Remember, you have all week of the 25th to post. DO NOT PANIC

FEBRUARY is the FULL SNOW MOON also known as FULL HUNGER MOON and the deadline is the last week of February. I'll start posting on February 21st.
This challenge is open to anyone who is interested. You do not have to make an art doll but I do ask that you stick to the theme of the month. Remember most of us are mixed media folks so challenge yourself to try something new and different.

I thought my Full Wolf Moon figure was completed. He's been sitting here on my desk watching me for over a week. Last night I had a dream about him and I guess there are some things I need to be adding to him.

Because I'm curious and I know some other people are, if you can share how you created your Full Moon art doll or item, please tell us. If you used a special technique, let us know. Or perhaps your thoughts as you were creating it. All is of interest to those that follow the link to your blog.

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  1. Hi Bea,
    Boy - it's going to take me a week to get caught up on your novel. So, pardon me for not reading it all in one sitting but I did want to leave a comment to commend you on the collage above - it's just beautiful!
    And, I'll go take a look at the ink spiller's blog to see what she made out of your gorgeous photo.

    Keep well!