Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I received this beautiful art doll from Shel Wolfe maybe two or three years ago. She made the most interesting and detailed art dolls. I've lost touch with her but I still have her wonderful Wolf Moon art doll.

So, how are you doing on yours? Remember, it's not a contest. You'll be posting a picture of it, on your blog. Send me an email to let me know it's posted and I'll add the link on my blog.


I'm looking at the week of the 24th as the week to be posting pictures. This is just a reminder.

Also, remember although I have suggested Art Dolls, I really don't care how you express The Full Wolf Moon. If you feel you need to paint it, sculpt it, create a fiber piece, PLEASE do so.
We are simply honoring the Native American names for the monthly full moons.

Also, remember you aren't locked into a monthly thing. This is a fun venture for those of us who happen to love the theme, like having a goal or deadline for creating a specific item. If life gets in the way and you miss a month or more, join back in when you can. If you stick with us, you'll have 12 unique items to represent the full moons of the month. Hey, that's enough to take to some gallery and display. :)

:)Bea Create because you can.
P.S. For more information check out this post from last year about the challenge


  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I've been looking forward to seeing the work of others and thought I'd have to wait longer, so thanks for posting this older one! I'm full of questions about it, like how it's assembled, how the face came about, etc.
    I'm doing good with mine, about 95% done and very eager to see what everyone else is doing. I've marked my calendar for posting it.

  2. I'm glad I told Barbara about your project - she should have a wonderful creation!!! I am still in the sketch stage - I know what it will look like - I have all the materials - being a procrastinator, I probably wouldn't have it done til the end of the month anyway!!!!I hope!!!
    Love the one you pictured!!!

  3. Mine is almost finished. It was exciting to see this one on your post. It's wonderful! I can't wait to see everyone's.

  4. Can't wait to see your completed gallery, Bea. I see beautiful works of art emerging from this project.

  5. Mine is almost finished but I don't think it will ever look as nice as this one no matter how long I work on it.