Sunday, January 24, 2010

From the studio.

I'm doing some embroidery, on a piece, sitting in my sewing area, up in the studio, when I glance out the second floor window and see a deer. I grab my camera and start taking pictures as it walks closer to the studio. THEN, I glance down and see that all this time there have been two other deer right below my window. These three stayed around for quite a while much to my enjoyment.

A while ago, Lynn suggested that I try some muslin journal pages. Today, I tore up quite a few pieces of muslin and coated them with gesso. I will use gel medium to attach them to the journal pages and then paint them. So, Lynn, I've started.

I also took a sample piece of fabric that I used for the shed and did some experiments on it with gesso and paint to see if I could get the look of those aged wooden boards. I'm liking what I see so far. It just is going to take some nerve, at this point, to actually painting on that finished fabric shed.

I finished my large watercolor graffiti sheet that was for me to keep. Yesterday, I used gel medium, a LOT of gel medium to attach this large sheet to my 20 x 30 canvas. I had already applied gesso to the canvas so it was ready to go. I put some trusty supply of telephone books on top of some waxed paper and weighted it down.

This morning is looked really good. There are some bumps and ridges but it doesn't bother me because their are so many layers to be applied to this piece.

Yesterday and today we have had Fog Eating Snow days. The layers of snow are mushing together and puddles are forming in spaces. A January thaw. How nice. It makes it so much easier to think Spring thoughts.

:)Bea It's a good day to create.


  1. It does look like old boards...neat! :) Also love the graffiti piece. Haven't started mine yet, but will soon.

  2. Well, I am such a baby about putting paint on this to give it an older look. I have to do it and I guess I will do a dry brush technique. I want to add hand embroidery to the bottom. I might take that along with me on our trip for something to work on. :)Bea

  3. I love the mother deer watching her yearlings browse away. What a great photograph Bea. I do love what you are doing with the quilt. It was a great picture the quilt is really cool.

  4. I just love what you and Yvonne have done with the Blue Chair theme. Both of you did a great job on the old old boards and that ironic blue blue chair!

  5. Thanks Elizabeth and Dotti. I'm still plugging away at my Blue Chair. Getting up the nerve to paint on it. But, it's been so much fun to take a photograph and do something different with it. I just love what Yvonne did. :)Bea

  6. Wow, every day you come up with something new - just beautiful.