Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Cover of American Indian Art Magazine

I really love this. It's a Shaman's rattle, Haida or Tlingit style, Northwest Coast, 19th century.
I need to think about this type of coloring when I do my clay faces.

While I was having lunch I was catching up on my pile of reading material. I started with the American Indian Art Magazine which is pack full of wonderful art work. It just inspires me.

Next, I moved on to Quilting Arts, the February/March issue. There is a wonderful article on keeping organized for quilt show submissions. It has a lot of information for the newbie on what to do, when to do it and how to get it done.
I'm going to enter a juried quilt show this year. phew THERE, I've said it out loud.
I've avoided this route for years. Now, it's show time. (pun intended)
More on this topic later in the year.

I also spotted an article that sounds like a LOT of FUN. It's called a 5-Day quilt challenge.
The idea being that a host, that would be me, would have the fun of leading who ever wants to play "down the rabbit hole" with me. Since, Alice in Wonderland comes out March 2nd and ooooooooooooooooh boy I saw the previews, last night, in 3-D, oooooooooooooooooooooooo, that's me sucking in my breath, wowowser.
Any who, since Alice comes at the beginning of March, I thought it might be fun to have this 5-Day Quilt Challenge in say the middle of February.


Actually, it's called Follow Me Blind 5- Day Challenge.
If you are brave or just incapable of saying no to me, you work on one piece for five days straight.
I post instructions, on line, every morning and at the end of the day you post of picture of what you have done so far, following my instructions. I post of link to your pictures, on my blog and then you wait until the next morning for your next set of instructions for the piece.
I will be leading you through "uncharted waters".

Some people are afraid to try something like this. Think of it as your CHALLENGE for 2010 to move outside your comfort zone. This kind of experiment does stretch you and your abilities.
But, I'm right here to answer questions and pat your cyber hand.

So, consider this your "seed planting" for February. As we get closer to the middle of February I'll give you more details.

:)Bea Create because you have have to.


  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Well, this 5-day challenge does sound like fun (sort of like a mystery quilt, which I love doing), but the amount of time it might take is what I'm concerned about. Can you give us some idea of that?

  2. 5 days. A clue each morning and at the end of 5 days you should have your own interpretation of my instructions. :)Bea

  3. Awwww, you meant time during the day, I bet. I shouldn't think much time at all. I'll give you a list of supplies the week before. Most of them you will have on hand, I bet.
    I suppose if you get behind a day you can do two or three days at one time and catch up BUT, the idea is to post a picture at the end of each day, on your blog so everybody else playing can see what you have done for the day. Does that help, at all? :)Bea

  4. I'll be on a mini vacation Feb 3-7 but I would like to play. Neat idea!

  5. I didn't do so well with the full moon doll challenge because other than icicle dolls, I haven't really been a doll person. I am definitely a quilt/challenge/follow a prompt person so definitely count me in. It will especially be fun to see how everyone interprets the thingie of the day!

  6. Dotti, don't give up on the full moon theme. Remember it can be anything that has to do with mixed media, too as long as you stick to the full moon theme for the month.

  7. Yvonne, I'm going to be gone Feb. 2 - the 6th. Down to Florida to visit my Mom and take in some vit. D. :)Bea

  8. Love the colors, but the face might make me uneasy.

  9. Now I might just like to have a go at that. As a 'new' quilter, it'd be good for me Bea. Bea's good for me!!