Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blog List gone

I am so sad. Blogger has done it again. My list of favorite Blog sites is gone. VANISHED.
The last time this happened I sort of understood that changing my domain name might cause some issues. This time nothing. They are just gone.
I'll find you all again but if you are dropping by and can just leave your blog link for me that would be such a help.
I Love my blog list............

:( A most unhappy Bea Who will have to put a create spin on this tomorrow/


  1. Oh my. That is aggravating isn't it. I've been having a time with my computer and just at the start of the One World One Heart thing.
    I'm at

  2. Oh Bea, that happened to me once but it was something I did and not blogger. Fortunately I got most of them back but there were a couple missing that I couldn't recall. Old age. LOL! Well, I remember being on your sidebar so is my blog but it's also known as Stampmaiden's Artventures. I have no idea how that happened. Good luck, friend.

  3. I always blame myself when something like this happens kind of yourself and let tomorrow come. Check out my January Wolf Moon composition...I still have a lot to do with embellishments and hand quilting. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Man that really bites. Losing a list of your favorite blogs does put a damper on your day.

    Anywho, blog #1 for you:

    And blog #2:

    (just in case you might want to do a little reading)

  5. Anonymous7:12 AM

    I'm here! Raising hand...don't want to be off your list. Good luck reconstructing it!

  6. Hi Bea,
    The same thing happened to me twice.
    The second time I realized that it was because a photo I had uploaded in a blogpost was too large and it caused the favorites to disappear.

    Could that have been what happened?

    Glad you've recovered them. It's a good reminder to me to back things up.


  7. Anonymous9:04 AM

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  8. Anonymous1:54 AM

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