Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Some more freebies for you.


I put the French letters and some old postcards that I found in an album. You should be able to copy them from there. When I am in an antique store I usually look at the old postcards and photographs section. I'm really interested in the written part of the postcard. If you click on this one you will see that the date is 1907 and all that is typed is Father to Daughter. Makes you wonder what kind of relationship they had. I also love that the addresses for most of these are simply the name and town in Wisconsin. No street address.

Check out Tim Holtz: http://www.timholtz.typepad.com/ He's making the 12 Tags of Christmas again and even if you don't do the tags there is some great information on how to use different products. Special thanks to Tami for posting this information on her blog too. :) CAT TALES go check it out, over there, on the right, in my blog list.

:)Bea That's all for now, got lots of work to do today but I'm going to make time to CREATE, how about you?


  1. Hi Bea, I was reading your last post and at #3 I laughed and thought,
    OMG! Bea has turned Italian!
    For me, it's not old age, I've been plucking since I got my period at 10.
    I check every morning, night, and if I'm leaving the house. Sometimes they DO grow all in one shot. I'm just thankful I don't have a mole for them to grow out of, like my Mamma.
    I'm busy as a a bee, Bea,
    gotta dash.
    Love, Lisa

  2. Love the new headers you keep putting in. Seems that everytime I visit, I always get something nice to appreciate and admire while waiting for the page to load.

  3. Thanks, G. I take a lot of pictures. I love seeing them up there! :)Bea

    Lisa, you crack me up. :)Bea