Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas, bell ringers and have a HAPPY day.

Found this cute little wooden bridge for a driveway, on my travels. I really like the special touch of adding a wreath to the railing. Just for the fun of it

I've been saying Merry Christmas to everybody I see. I've been in and out of a number of stores in the past two days and I'm really surprised by the response. People, clerks, actually get a little giddy when they say, THANK YOU and BOY, THAT'S NICE TO HEAR and some actually smile and say Merry Christmas back. I overheard one young lady say to the other sales clerk, "I like that, I like hearing that.

I'm so happy to have somebody smile back at me or have their face light up from a greeting.
If someone isn't celebrating a holiday that has a greeting of Merry Christmas then I'll be happy to make their day by wishing them a MERRY DAY!
Most of the time, around this time of year I stick with the standard, Happy Holidays.
Lately, I've felt like stirring the pot, you know?

Frankly, I would hate to be in the same room with him when he saw what had happened to his message. Words and phrases that he never said being plastered all over the place.
I think he would find a way to the homeless shelters, the boys and girls clubs, the places where the poor and down trodden had gathered. I think he would sit and hold hands and listen to those that had lost their voices. I think he would be stunned to see how far the masses have drifted from his message.
I get into trouble when I go down this road.

I did have a nice chat with the bell ringers in the drugstore today. They were a couple from a town farther down the road and they just decided that they would help out the Salvation Army this year, with their time. I asked them if they knew any Christmas songs to sing. The wife giggled and blushed but the husband, a portly old farmer said, Frosty the Snowman!
So, we sang Frosty together. I was a little rusty on the words but sang with gusto what I could.
We laughed, we sang, we wished each other a Merry Christmas, I thanked them for giving their time and slid some folded money into the pot.
My image, of the man Jesus, is one that would have put his arms around us, thrown back his head and sung with us.
Yup, I bet he had a good voice too. One that made people stop and listen, maybe turn around and backtrack.
Yup, I bet he would have blessed that old farmer and his wife for doing what they could to help out those that help the needy. And, I bet he would have turned to me, with a twinkle in his eye and said, "Have a nice day."

:)Bea Who tends to get silly and strange around this time of year. Too much eggnog, I suspect.
So, go and know why, right?


  1. Well, Merry Christmas to you, too! I love the little bridge with the wreath. Nice touch.

  2. Well, thank you Katie Jane. Of course, Zeus pointed out to me, over dinner, that people were probably just happy that I was being nice to them and a happy person. sigh..... :)Bea

  3. Bea, I think that was Jesus conking you in the head.
    He was showing you were the perfect sandals for your Zues were.
    Although what that handsome man needs sandals for this time of year
    is beyond me. Now that I think about it,
    it's the same optimism you need when planting tulips...
    Yes, I will live to see Spring!
    Love, Lisa

  4. Thank you Lisa for another strange and wonderful comment. You certainly keep me smiling and giggling. Bless you and may you have tulips in December.

  5. The little bridge is cute.
    Yes, sometimes you have to be the first to say hello or Merry Christmas or Have a Nice Day and say it all with a smile. You did a good thing Bea. It makes everyone feel good to give and/or get a smile and a greeting, especially this time of year, no matter what they believe.

  6. Merry Christmas to you!

    And I love the header of Mr & Mrs Frosty the Snowman guarding the tree.

  7. All the best wishes for the holiday season, but not for a day longer.

    Merry Xmas is fine. It's now a tradition with lights and ornaments, not something to argue over.

    Glad to see you're having a real Xmas with real blizzards and power outages, not a phony, sunny one.

    Beautiful photo.

  8. What a lovely post, Bea. You are spreading your own little happiness all around you and good for you. I have a narcissus out in flower in the garden, you saw the photo! I brought it in as it had fallen over and now it's produced another flower. Delightful.

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU. Woo hoo, all together now, 'Frosty the snowman, had a dingle dongle doo, he was up and down and round the town, la la la and oo oo oo.' I don't know the words either!!! lolololol.

  9. Gina, your version of Frosty the Snowman cracked me up. :)Bea