Monday, December 07, 2009

Journals, challenges, woven letters & Missed Connections

I was on my way to the studio when I thought I would check on a friend's blog and see how she was doing. While doing that I noticed that Julie at JULIE'S LAND OF LOST LUGGAGE had posted her Monday journal video, so I watched that. She mentioned Michelle Ward and her Green Pepper Press Challenges,

Visiting Woven Letters , over there on my blog list, I found a blog entry about Missed Connections blog. For some reason when I type in the addy it doesn't take you to the missed connections blog. So, visit Woven Letters, enjoy reading her blog and then take the link from there to get to MISSED CONNECTIONS . Missed Connections

I would suggest that you check out all four blogs.

I don't want to play favorites because all four of them are wonderful.

Missed Connections is about a blogger that started reading the Missed Connections site on Craig's List and it got her illustrating these different Missed Connections. If you go down just a bit, on her site there is a video that is WELL WORTH WATCHING. It's about her blog.

Check out all four blogs. Julie's Land of Lost Luggage and Woven Letters are over there on my blog list. I'll probably be adding these other two too because they are just worth visiting.

The photo is of a storyteller doll that I saw in a shop window in New Mexico. I love these little figures. I have three that I have collected from different parts of the world. This one was out of my price range but it's just beautiful and it seemed to be the perfect picture to go with this Missed Connections post.


  1. Will visit the links you mentioned. Love your little storyteller doll. YOu know I'm so close to Mexico that we have those all over the place and I just never thought about getting one. Maybe I will now. The problem is just deciding on which one, there are so many to choose from.

  2. LOL, I have one from Peru and one from Arizona and one that was given to me. I never could find one in Africa when I was there. You have to share a picture of your when you decide what to get. :)Bea

  3. thanks for the blog suggestions! that storyteller is beautiful...

  4. I'd like to see one from Africa. Too bad my sister didn't get one for me when she was in Africa. :)
    I would like a Navajo and Mexican storyteller. Maybe one day. Yours is lovely.

  5. I love that storyteller doll, I have never heard of them before. It's beautiful. I'll have to leave the blog perusal to another day - I'm too tired just now.

  6. Gina, you are just too busy these days. But, do try to visit those blogs, I know you will enjoy them. :)Bea

  7. Hey Bea...thanks for your suggestion. I was just thinking of doing a YouTube video and maybe post it around. But, I'll look into the places to teach that you recommended.
    Hope the snow makes the holiday brighter.

  8. Good luck, Renee and let me know what you end up doing. I want to see! :)Bea

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