Saturday, December 05, 2009

Isn't she interesting? She was on a grave stone. Can't remember where I found her but I lucked out when I did.

I never know what I'm going to pick out to put up as my header. Same thing for some of the pictures I post. If I see something I like while I'm flipping through my folders I use it.
I think it's interesting that Ipicked a church steeple and a carving from a grave. Wonder what's going on in my sub consciousness these days. And, I just realized we are going to watch Angels and Demons tonight. Oh well, if I kick the bucket tonight, just know that it's been fun, kiddos.'s a word I haven't used in a long time. My next door neighbor, Dorothy used to use it. It always made me smile when she said it.
She was a tiny person and rode a motor scooter. I used to worry about her when I would hear her roar down her driveway.

She was very active in organizations that were helping people in South America. I think she ran a newsletter out of her home to help coordinate activities. When her two kids had graduated from the local high school, she and her husband moved to Colorado. I remember her once showing me her saddle and how much she wanted to get back "home", somewhere out west and ride again.

I thought the move to Colorado would be a good thing for her. I was sadly mistaken. Dorothy took her life, one morning, in her bathroom.

I never noticed or spotted any depression in her when she lived next door to me. Was this something that she had hidden well or was it something that developed later in her life? It makes me sad to think of her no longer calling groups of people, all ages, kiddos.

But, I also think of her bouncy step, her roaring motor scooter, her
over sized helmet and her big, BIG smile and that all makes me smile.

I think that in the end what we all hope for is to be remembered for something, our smile, our work, our play, our humor, our wit, maybe even our cooking skills. Maybe it's something tangible like our art, stories, quilts or our books.

Dorothy's family remembers her and I hope they do so with love and a sharing of her story.
I hope they haven't buried her humor with her body and the anger or their sadness that she took her own life. For some reason, I'm remembering her now.

I miss talking with you Dorothy.

Did you make it to OZ?

:)Bea Sleep, dream and create, it's good for your body, mind and your soul.


  1. Hi Bea,
    I loved your confessed secret on Katiejane's blog, so I had to come meet you. I enjoyed the visit and shall return. Great blog!

  2. Well, howdy Babs and thanks for stopping by. OK, huh? That's out there in the WILD WEST huh? I've never been BUT it is on my TO DO LIST. :)Bea

  3. I think when some get depressed and really want to take their life, no one knows about it beforehand. Those who make it known are screaming for help and don't really want to do anything to hurt themselves even though they have thought about it. That makes it scarey doesn't it.

  4. I think you are absolutely right, Yvonne. :)Bea

  5. Great blog entry Bea, and I agree with Yvonne, the quiet ones are the ones you need to worry about. Its like they say about children. A child who has hurt themselves and makes lots of noise is probably okay, a child that hurts themself but are very quiet are the ones you need to watch closely! Funny how our behaviours are so set so early on in life.

  6. Very true, Beverley, very true.
    For one of my children I had "the magic towel". It healed them right up. For the middle child I had to coax him to show me the scrape, or talk about the emotional pain. :)Bea

  7. A thoughtful and rather sad post, Bea. It's such a shock when some people take their own lives. Especially when nobody knows about it or suspects they have a problem. Dorothy sounds like she was a real character and I hope she found peace.

  8. Gina, I suspect that Dorothy is organizing all kinds of things in her next life. And, rounding up volunteers by smiling and putting her arm around their waist and caling them KIDDO. :)Bea