Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ice, head bumps and mission successful.

The ice chunk coming off the studio roof has reached TOUCHDOWN. Hey, I get my kicks from all sorts of things. Murphy and I ran errands this morning. We drove out to Black Earth, a very fitting name for the area because in spring, when the field are tilled the soil is just a beautiful rich black color.
Our purpose for the drive was to stop at the ShoeBox, a large, old shoe store that has just about every kind of shoe at great prices. I picked up some sandals for Zeus. While waiting I was taking in the rack of leather boots they had. Cowgirl boots. Red cowgirl boots. sigh
So, I promised myself that in the new year WHEN I was successful in losing my first 25 pounds that I would come back, to the store and reward myself with a pair of Red Cowgirl Boots.
They also had some wild plastic work boots, the kind that remind me of Wellingtons. I really liked the purple and pink striped ones. Great for sloshing around in the garden, in spring.
Murphy was getting tired so we came home, he went down for his nap with Louie and I headed back out, in the other direction, still looking for a specific kind of sandal for Zeus.
I found a parking space near the entrance of a very busy downtown mall. That's always a good sign. Not a lot of shoppers, actually there were more noon time mall walkers than shoppers.
I asked for the sandals, the clerk showed me what they had, not really what he had in mind.
She went to get his size and I sat down. Now, the chairs are back to back and there are plenty of them for shoppers. Not a person in sight when I sat down. Out of nowhere, this older man sits down on the chair that backs mine and for some reason throws his head back and conks me on the head. WHAT THE HECK? Geesch, his head was hard. I felt like I got hit with a baseball bat.
Not willing to sit in the chair any longer I wandered around, rubbing the back of my head when I spotted the exact sandal that Zeus had requested, on the discount table and in his size.
I think I should receive workers comp for an injury acquired, on the job, don't you?
Off to the studio for a little bit, still putting away and organizing. That's going to be an ongoing process for a while. I can't wait until I can start using up all of these supplies. What fun!
:)Bea Go Create, it's sooooooooooo good for your soul.


  1. I bet that head bump hurt! It's dangerous in crowds! I've had things like that happen myself and other weird things. your snowman header. I'll take that crowd anyday.:)

  2. Aren't they cute? I was driving on a back road and passed them, then turned the car around, went back and got a picture. They were just to cute to pass up. :)Bea

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  5. I think you should have bought those red cowboy boots! I want to get an exact pair like that, red and sassy!

  6. LOLOL I plan to Mim. The first 25 pounds off my body!! It's a done deal. :)Bea

  7. ouch! Im sorry you got hit in the head with an old man head ;) these old sense! The cowgirl boots sound lovely, red is my favorite! I hope you get them, no matter with the 25 pounds!

  8. I agree with Mim, go get those cowboy boots! I love the snowpeople!

  9. Anonymous4:12 PM

    I love the way you described your icicle reaching touchdown! We are in for a real winter weekend of snow here in south Jersey -- and it's cold enough to cause icicle touchdown!

  10. Thanks Deborah, I thought they were so cute, too. :)Bea

  11. Hey Barbara, stay inside, stay warm and stay off those roads. Blizzards are scary. It becomes a whiteout very quickly. :)Bea

  12. erm, what snowmen, where? I guess I'm too late. But I do love your current header, very arty. Icicles reaching the ground? Wow, that's cold and icy! We had snow yesterday. Not a lot, but snow! Today it's mostly frozen.

    What a strange man to whack you on th head! At least your got Zeus's sandals.