Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Guess what we got?

I live in the north by choice. Hmmm, I live in the north because I choose not to leave my husband and move to warmer climates. And, as long as I don't have to shovel or drive in this stuff I won't complain about it.
I know people in warmer climates get tired of those of us up here giving weather reports and posting pictures of white stuff. It won't stop, trust me.

We are really a bunch of little kids about snow. We have a love/hate relationship with it.
The "boys" across the field are already out on their snow machines zooming around the fields.
This is a SKI snow, wet enough to make cross country ski trails. Wet enough to even build snow men.
Children are being bundled up, as I write and dragging their sleds to the nearest hill. It's cold but not bitter cold. That will start tomorrow. Everything is closed and we have been asked to just stay home. People are spending time putting up Christmas decorations, baking, playing outside and just having fun.
The seasons keep me closer to Mother Nature.
It's very easy to remove myself from nature.

Stay inside instead of looking at the night skies.
Stay inside instead of walking in the rain.

Stay inside instead of building a snowman.
My camera keeps me outside. My camera and I want to record the weight of the snow on top of a dead flower stalk. My camera and I want to record how beautiful trees look, their limbs covered with snow.

The pictures above were from this morning when Murphy and I tried to find a way for him to get off the porch and do his
ablutions. We had a lot of wind early in the morning and it blew snow up on the decks, up against the house and covered the windows.
Murphy isn't that big and some of the drifts against the house and steps were four feet high.
We finally had to go downstairs and out the back door.

John cleared a nice wide path to the studio. I'm going back up there to work. I thought today was a good day to do some prep work on my MUSE houses. I've got one coat of
gesso on a bunch of them. They will take two coats and drying before I can start adding layers of molding paste.

:) Bea Enjoy your day what ever it is you are doing and try to do it in a creative way.


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  1. Oh! It's beautiful!
    I loved snow when I was little. The sledding,snowballing,and foot tingling kind. I still enjoy seeing it,but from my window is best. And your photos, of course!

  2. Babs, the day hasn't gotten much brighter. It's been snowing off an on all day. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it from my studio windows. lol :)Bea

  3. It is beautiful! I don't get tired of hearing what is happening with the weather up there. LOL Oh, btw, it was 75 here yesterday!:) Do you get tired of hearing my weather reports? :)
    I wish I could just wiggle my nose and be there to see the snow. Once when it snowed here on Christmas a friend made a snowman, he was all of 6 inches tall! LOL
    Stay warm Bea!

  4. hey sweet bea... your snow is beautiful! you have more than we do here in northeastern california (at 4700' we usually get a lot).

    i think that cameras are such good friends... they keep curious. they keep us looking...

    love, love to you... i'm gonna go check out DJs class...

  5. Yvonne, it's certainly beautiful to look at. I was always a good winter driver and not really afraid of driving on ice covered snowy roads UNTIL two years ago. I left the house to meet John downtown for a b-ball game and it started to snow and by the time I hit the main roads it was a blizzard. I honestly couldn't see in front of me at all. NOTHING. I was so scared. I couldn't see oncoming car lights, nothing. Since I was halfway there I inched my way to his office, praying outloud that I would get there safely. I had to cross over a major highway and I couldn't see the guard rails. I have never been so scared in my life. Now, I won't drive if I can't see the farmhouse across the fields. :)Bea

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  7. Lynne, from what I have heard bout DJ's live classes they are well run and fun. I know she has spent a lot of time on this online class and I honestly think it is worth the $75.00 for four weeks. Every question anybody asks will be added to a sheet that will be posted so that we can download it.
    For future reference as we work on really learning how to do this, this should be great. I've very excited. I've been trying to get her to do this for a year now. :)Bea

  8. Oh lovely, pretty but cold snow. I love to look at it as long as I'm all warm inside but I do find I soon start shivering if I go out in it. Brrrrrr.