Tuesday, December 15, 2009


What is this challenge? Well, it's certainly NOT a competition. I will post a list of the most common Native American names for the monthly full moon.

If you want to participate create your interpretation of this theme, for the month and on the day of the full moon post a picture, on your blog, with some information about how you made it, materials used and anything you might think we would be interested in knowing about your creation.

January Full Moon goes by the name of FULL WOLF MOON, OLD MOON or MOON AFTER YULE
Pick one of those names and create your interpretation of that theme.

Leighanna Light said in the book, Who's Your Dada, by Linda and Opie O'Brien, "an art doll is an assemblage of objects that resemble or represent a figure or part of a figure."

She took the words right out of my mouth. Perhaps you want to work with wood, twigs, clay, fabric or metal. Maybe you want to call your Full Moon creation a figure, art doll, icon, statue, spirit doll or even an assemblage figure.

I DO NOT want people to think that they have to make a certain type of "doll".

What I want to do and I hope some of you do too is to stretch myself a little. Move out of my comfort zone when creating art dolls and try something different.

If you get a chance to look at, Who's Your Dada, at the bookstore or from the library I strongly suggest you do so. Not only do Linda and Opie have a large chapter on techniques and materials which is excellent, they also feature projects and a gallery of odd dolls created by other artists.

These alone could be a book in themselves. I've been pouring over this book since it arrived in the mail a week or so ago.

Your creation will be yours to keep. You can have all similar types or try something different for each month. You can join us or one month, two or the full 12. Just send me your blog site addy so I can post it and everybody playing can go see what you created.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 30th, is the day of the FULL WOLF MOON.

That's when you have to have your "doll" creation done. You've got lots of time.
RELAX, this is supposed to be fun.

I'll post reminders during the month of January.
I hope you decide to play.
I look forward to seeing what you have created

Questions: email me and I will try to answer them for you.

:)Bea Looking forward to a packed year of CREATING!


  1. Hi Bea, you know I'm still in for this challenge. I am sorry I've been a little lax with the comments lately...no excuses, just
    obligations. I will be glad to see the new year! It's gonna be a winner! Full moon...wolf.
    I'll sleep on it.
    LOVE to you as always, Lisa

  2. I have already started to process this12 month journey but will have to cook it on the back burner a little while longer. I will probably be able to let you know real soon. I always bite of too much and I do not want to let you down. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. I am planning on doing as many of the months as I can!! The book sounds very interesting - will have to put it on my XMas list!!! I passed this on to a bloggy friend who may be participating also!!! Love the doll pictured!!!

  4. Anonymous7:19 AM

    I've been thinking about this since you first posted the idea, am getting some ideas and will be in touch by the end of Jan. Here's hoping one of my ideas actually takes on a shape by then! I'm off to check out your book suggestion now...thanks for the fun!

  5. EXCELLENT LADIES! I'm glad this kind of challenge interests people. It's so much more fun to share the process and the results.
    Please don't feel pressured from me.
    I will love you all if you participate and if you can't.

  6. I'm still in for this. Ever since you mentioned it I've been excited about it. Will try to do as many months as I can. Love Native American art and history so this is perfect.

  7. Hey, Yvonne, if you get a chance to look at that book, do. I was really surprised at how many great techniques there are in it. Also, just reading how the different "doll" artists make their creations was really interesting. :)Bea

  8. This sounds like fun! I'd like to sign up.

  9. Yes, that book is a new one for me, I will go check it out at Amazon. Thanks for reminding me Bea.

  10. This looks like fun!


  11. Hi Ma - I passed this idea along to a co-worker of mine, who is also into mixed media. She and a friend plan to join the fun!

  12. Hi Ma - I passed this idea along to a co-worker, Paula, who is also a mixed media artist. She and a friend plan to join in the fun!