Friday, December 04, 2009

First snowfall is pretty.

I admit, I still like to see the first snowfall. It's a change for the eye. I don't like driving in it.
I forgot I had to pick up Riley from the daycare last night. I was humming and feeling pretty good, cooking dinner and watching the blizzard out my kitchen window until it hit me that this was my night to pick her up. Shoot. Thank heavens she is just up the road and down the hill a ways.
Somebody taught her how to make the raspberry sound. She was going gung ho making the sound until her first spoonful of sweet potatoes. Grammybea did not appreciate being sprayed with sweet potatoes. I think she heard her first NO last night. I would hold the spoon with sweet potatoes on it and she would be making her raspberry sound and the spoon went back in the dish. I can wait out a five month old. She's smart though, she caught on very quickly that if she wanted to eat she was going to have to settle down and do some serious eating.
She had a bath in the kitchen sink, her bottle and then bless her heart she couldn't keep her eyes open any longer. I carried a passed out baby downstairs and put her in her crib.

The kids have been kidding me about my commute to work every day. Justin especially can crack me up with his traffic report of my drive from the garage to the studio. Honestly, I don't drive there unless I have the car packed with stuff that I am moving out there. I can walk. Really.........But, as you can see it's a short backup from one door to the other. I just wish there was a drive through coffee place, on the way.

I dropped of Murphy this morning at Puppy Day Care and as I was walking out the owner of Thomas was coming in. Except for a docked tail, Thomas and Murphy look a lot alike. Then Charlie's owner came in and boy oh boy, Thomas and Charlie were dead ringers for each other, docked tails and all. We got to talking about taking home the wrong dog and they both topped my story. It seems that the owner of Thomas picked him up one day and was surprised at how "bouncy" he was since he had seemed a little sick, in the morning. He was playing with his squeaky toys like he hadn't seen them before. When she finally sat down, on the sofa, with him and looked at him she realized that she had the wrong dog. She had to drive Charlie back and pick up Thomas. I didn't feel so badly. There seem to be a lot of small white furry dogs at this day care.

I'm working out in the studio today. Boy does my HOT DOG, as it is called furnace/heater really heat up the place fast. It was 42 up there and within a few minutes the temperature had climbed to 60 which is warm enough when the sun comes pouring in the windows. I've been drawing out some figures for my Full Moon Art Dolls. I'm still trying to decide whether I want to make them separate or part of a quilt block. If my daughter has any say I'll be doing both.

I received Teesha Moore's journal book set that I had ordered. Oh, boy is this eye candy or what. There are four little journals that are a collection of 160 unedited, untouched journal pages & covers from the last seven years. I am so enjoying looking at them, reading them and having them as inspiration for the time that I start having art journal workshops for teens, up in the studio. They are going to love these.

I was going to the library yesterday when I walked by a nail salon called Chic Nails. I decided that my new fingernails were getting a little raggy and I didn't want them to start to rip or tear before they had grown out enough. The owners are this darling couple from Atlanta but with extended family from Viet Nam working in the store. Their two small children were running around, grandma was following them back and forth. Tim, the husband worked on my nails and gave me an hand massage that really worked out the stiffness of my fingers! No picture yet because I'm still in my fourth week and although they look nice it would be nice to see them a tad longer. Although, I have to tell you, I am not used to them. I've poked myself, scratched myself, found that it's easier to pick open something, pick up something, sometimes and boy who knew the cats would love getting scratched on the head, so much.

I am still in awe of this whole process. There has been no will power. It's been effortless.
I can't get over it. I'm looking at my Diet Coke can sitting next to me and realizing that the next experiment is to see if I can eliminate soda from my diet.

:)Bea Go Create and make your soul JOYFUL.


  1. The snow does look pretty up there. We actually had a snowflake or two here today. Didn't touch the ground before melting though. Tomorrow will be warmer. Cold never lasts long here.
    Enjoy your posts Bea, as always.

  2. Hi Bea, That Riley...reminds me of Mia yesterday. Wait...14 years ago. Yikes, it does thunder past.
    Thank you, Bea for the advertisment
    on saving the girls. It's my new passion.
    That and the Nut Cracker.
    Love as always, Lisa

  3. Yvonne, I saw on the news that the snowstorm from down yonder in your neck of the woods was headed up to Virginia and east coast places.
    Thanks for always stopping by and commenting. It makes me feel good. :)Bea

  4. Lisa, you can remember those days? sigh.......Mary asks me if I remember when she and her brothers were Riley's age. Sadly, I remember bits and pieces but not much. I was too busy I guess just trying to keep them all fed and rounded up. :)Bea

  5. Very funny story with the wrong dog. This is a wonderful blog - lovely photos.

  6. Why thank you! I'm so glad you stopped by. :)Bea

  7. Well, the pictures are making me a bit nostalgic for snow. Mom didn't get as much as you down in Darlington. Here, the temp has dropped to 39ish at night and 50ish during the day. Some hard frost on the car the other day--but otherwise, doesn't feel like Christmas except that Rose is here and we are putting gifts under the tree and I'm setting the table with the holiday stuff. We go to see "Chicago" at the Arnoff theatre downtown this afternoon. Love the view from your studio.

  8. Have a great time seeing Chicago!

  9. What a lovely photo of the snow, oh, and I love that header photo of the church steeple too. Beautiful and clear. I had to laugh at getting the dogs mixed up. You'd never do that with Buster - he's one alone. I laughed out loud about your commute to work, phew, it is a long drive - especially in the snow!

    Fantastic about your nail, and amazing too. I can't wait to see them.