Tuesday, December 01, 2009


A full moon header for you and a sunset for me.

Not a bad day. Zeus put the new battery in the lawn tractor for me and I zoomed back and forth from the studio to the front of the house where I loaded bags and bags, HEAVY, bags of fabric into the wagon.

I view my fabric stash as a collection. I love all of it. I have a hard time even sorting through it to "thin" it out. Something that might not make it into a quilt might make a perfect dress for Riley, or be something that my other granddaughter Hayden could sew up into something neat.

But, it's all sitting in the first floor of the barn now, waiting................for me to carry it up, one bag at a time, sort, fold and put away.

I made great strides in emptying out my old sewing studio. I may get another clear day to finish it up although the weather people seem determined to tell us that WINTER IS ARRIVING.

They say it with such glee. I'm just very grateful that it hasn't arrived until December. Last year getting snow that stayed around in October was depressing.

Tomorrow night is a basketball game. The UW plays Duke so that should be fun.

I bought Christmas presents for my three grandchildren up in Minnesota so I will get those in the mail tomorrow.

Oh, Murphy has a new "girlfriend" at Puppy Day Care. Her name is Pika and she's a Corgi.

Apparently, he's taken quite a shine to her and won't leave her alone. The staff tells me when Pika wants to rest because she's tired, Murphy stands next to her and barks at her. So, typical male.

Ok, I'm exhausted..........too much lifting and carrying of heavy stuff. Time to grab my book, a cat or two and head for bed.

:)Bea Dream of Creating it will make you smile.


  1. Beautiful moon header Bea. Looks mighty cold though. Cold here too, down to almost freezing this week. Been raining for a few days.
    Just curious, what are you going to do with you old sewing room? It must be large too, as you are moving so much stuff into your new one. Lots of work, but will be worth it I'm sure.

  2. Yvonne, it's a normal size 8x10 room but I had it crammed with shelving and bags of fabric, remember the "goat path"? Our kids always come here for a vacation so I'll turn it into a guest room.
    Maybe I'll put bunk beds in there for the little boys. I'm thinking about painting it butterscotch after it's all cleaned out. :)Bea

  3. wow, that is a gorgeous, gorgeous photo! love those colors. and sounds like Murphy is in love ;) puppy love? ;)

  4. Thank you Heather. Sometimes I will be getting dinner ready and glance out at the sky and then RUN to grab my camera and get outside.
    The animals are used to this and scatter when they see me start to run. :)bea

  5. I love your blog moon header, Bea! Full moon tonight and I love to show the kids the sky-it's lower in the sky in the winter I think? and so pretty! Thank you for sharing, hugs,

  6. I'm so glad you take your kids out to see the sky. There are so many children than never really see stars anymore because of all the lights or nobody shows them to them. :)Bea

  7. I tried earlier to make a comment but my computer was off line momentarily. I worked on my first images and thought processes for some small works with the full moon and my wold images. Lupus is the Latin word for wolf and my chronic progressive condition/disease. I have way too much fabric also but I will worry about that on another day. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen I love that idea of sharing a cup of tea with you.

  8. What fun. I know this is a lot of work moving your studio and sewing room, but in the end you are going to be so happy.
    I have to say "Go Duke" one of the home teams!
    We had a Welsh Corgi for ten years - Mr Bear he was a hoot. Dogs - they just find a way to creep into your heart and not let go.

  9. The thought of going thru my fabric stash is daunting but if I was moving it into that lovely studio - I'd do it!

  10. Mary Helen, would you be interested in sharing some of your poems or thoughts when we post pictures of our monthly Native American Full Moon Art Dolls?
    I know I would love to read them.
    And, it would be such a beautiful addition to the tribute to these names for the full moon. Just a thought. I know some days are difficult for you. :)Bea

  11. Elizabeth, Murphy is besotted with Pika this little Corgi. They tell me he just stays by her side all day. But then they said that about Chloe, last month and I forget who, the month before. lolol :)Bea

  12. Mim, it would be so much for fun to do this together. You could come over here and we could talk and fold and I could go over to your house and talk while you folded. lololol :)Bea

  13. Too bad Murphy couldn't meet Min. He'd drop that Pika Corgi like a hot potato. If you figure out how to stop drinking diet soda, fill me in!

  14. Oh don't mention fabric to me, or more especially, to Jim. I have bags and bags and boxes of it!! All over the place. Even in my new studio, most of it won't fit in there. I just love it - all of it - and I can't throw it away. You mind your back Bea.