Monday, November 30, 2009

Thoughts about many things and then some.

1.Flat Belly Shortcuts - AOL Health I've been drinking green tea off and on, mainly because I like it. Now, it seems that if I follow these instructions I may benefit even more from drinking it. I like the sound of that.
2.My new Quilting Arts magazine for December/January just arrived. I'm drooling over the pictures of the art quilts made by Marianne R. Williamson. Gorgeous riots of color.
3. I was getting into my car this morning and glanced in the rear view mirror and gasped OUTLOUD, OMG I had one lone long mustache hair. Where did that come from? Why only one? Why me? I had already run about four errands, smiling and chatting with people and here they probably wondered why I hadn't done anything about the lone hair. sigh........Why hadn't my family told me about it. Maybe, it looks like a dirt streak or paint, they are used to seeing that, on my face. Maybe they don't even look at me anymore, that's a sad thought.
I tried to pull it, not going to happen. I still had some grocery shopping to do. Oh, what to do, go home or just wing it. Pretend I'm one of THOSE grannies now. Maybe, I should roll my socks down and roll my pant legs up. Try to take the focus off my, OMG, sigh.........
I try not to let the "joys" of getting older get to me but something like that just shocks me sometimes. I mean I try, I really try to stay on top of things.

4. It's absolutely gorgeous here today, I think it got up to 43 but the sun was bright and beautiful. They say tomorrow it's going to get up to 48 degrees. If Zeus gets the new battery in the lawn tractor I guess I'll make a number of runs back and forth with fabric from my old house studio to the new one. Better to get that done while the ground is free of snow. Otherwise, I have to lug it down the steps and out to the car and drive it over in the car.

5. I have a pork roast in the oven. The house will smell good when my worker bees come home from work and day care. When I was single and living in Boston there were three things I really wanted, a crock pot, food to put in it and an electrical timer for my lamp. After getting out late from work, riding the MTA I wanted to come down the hall and see a light under my door and smell good cooking smells in my apartment. As I sat in my reject, brown, tweed, wing back chair
having my dinner from a box of Pringles I contemplated that I probably really needed to get curtains first. The side of my apartment that had windows was probably an arm's reach to the building next door.
Sadly, my paycheck didn't leave me enough money for much of anything. My parents had picked out my apartment, had me sign a year lease and then left for New Jersey, feeling that their little girl was safe. Safe=pricey in Boston.

6. Every evening last year and so far this year, once the leaves are off the trees I can see the sunsets and I take a picture. I try to stand in the same spot every night and take a picture at least when there is a sunset to take a picture of. The collage above is from this evening.
I remember reading once of a photographer who stood on the same street corner, in New York City, at the same time every morning, taking pictures. I thought that was kinda neat.

7. I am still quite silly about how happy I am up in my new studio. I was sitting at my sewing machine table and glanced out the window when I realized that I was looking down into the woods. It just makes me smile. I've dreamed about this space ever since we built the barn. I had no idea when it would become a reality. Now, it seems like the process went ever so fast.

It's time to give Riley her night time bottle. It's a real treat having her here.
Ok, folks, you know the drill.............go create because it makes your soul joyful. :)Bea


  1. Oh what a busy, full up post. I had to laugh about that hair! I get them under my chin sometimes and nobody ever tells me either. Maybe they don't see them. I hope you managed to remove it!

    I love those sunset photos - gorgeous and your header photo is stunning too.

    I guess Riley's doing well. Time for a photo or two of her!

    I tried some green tea and it made me feel sick!

  2. Thanks, Gina. It was a beautiful sunset tonight. I kept grabbing the camera and running outside to take another picture.
    Riley has taken to sucking in her lips when ever she sees my camera.
    She looks silly. I'll have to take a picture of her.

  3. Sunsets are one of my favorites as well Bea. Those are gorgeous photos.
    About the hair...well, had to laugh on that one, because I've been there too. Oh, getting older is so much fun isn't it! LOL Just keep smiling! :)

  4. I get the random chin hair also and it's so awful to suddenly feel it - especially when I'm in a meeting or at a party! Hate the darn thing.
    Where did you live in Boston Bea? and when? were we neighbors?
    If I could do it over, I'd put my studio up in the attic rather than in the basement. I like being up high and windows...I love windows.

  5. Yeah, whiskers! I installed a magnifying mirror in my new bathroom--surveillance. Laughed when old college friend, Mike, told me his latest crisis was realizing his ears were growing. He's vain and this horrified him. We both laughed.

    Of course, you know that the story about your Boston apartment resonated. I'd like to leave my tree lights on all day, but worry about fire--so yesterday left my radio on all day. Finally got little white lights to run along the top of my cabinets and the garland over my sink.

    I'm so glad you have a magical space. As much as I like the new house, I don't have a magical place here yet. The living room sometimes feels special--but needing some more time and work.

    Loved the photos. The repetitive pictures tell the story and history of a place--and that is very special.

    --You still look lots younger than your age, so pull the hair out and forget about it:)

  6. Yvonne, I just remind myself that I'm still above ground and standing. :)Bea
    Mim, I lived on Beacon Street near Cleaveland Circle in 1968. I think you were a toddler then. :)Bea
    Donna, the ears thing made me laugh. I remember seeing a speeded up ageing film once and the man's ears got longer and his nose. Cracked me up at the time. I was such a baby then. :)Bea

  7. Still laughing at the post and admiring the sunsets. Why, I ask myself, should I need whiskers now when I have managed the rest of my life without them! Glad to have found your blog!
    Judith aka Threadspider

  8. Judith, I often think of facial hair on women, of a certain age, as their passport into the WILD WOMAN'S HUT. Wisdom cometh with whiskers but only on women. :)Bea

  9. Love love the photos!
    and the new header.
    I am still in shock about the hair situation. Something more to look forward to with getting older. Time for tea and bed!