Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday morning, oh Sunday morning......

I number of people have asked me how the movie 2012 was so I thought I would do a little review instead of just answering emails and comments.
I am NOT a blood and guts kind of girl. "Boy stuff" car chases, James Bond type of stuff bores me after having seen the original ones.
This movie was almost THREE HOURS LONG and I NEVER, NEVER even thought about the time while I was watching it. It reminded me of when I sat through the Titanic with the rest of the audience and not one of us, in a FULL THEATER, got up out of our seats.
The computer graphics are amazing and so real like that I found myself clutching the arm rest, my husbands thigh and my jacket, in rotation.

It was like being in the science museum and seeing the WHAT IF or WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN to the East and West coast eventually. You know we've all seen those little computer graphics on PBS that show water sweeping into and around the buildings. TRUST me when the water comes in a Tsunami form it's a WALL of water and when you watch, on the big screen earthquakes destroying cities, it's beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

I mean, part of your brain KNOWS you are sitting in a movie theater and part of you is like a child sitting there speechless at the horror of it all.

For the most part the acting was fine. I can't remember the name of the main male actor. I've seen him in other things and he was just great. Woody Harlesson (?) was funny, wacky and over the top with his character and it was just fine. You really needed a little comic relief by that time.

The title 2012 is just a little to close in time. The sun has started to heat up the earth's inner core of water, that causes the earth crust to become unstable and start to shift.

I wouldn't take small children to see this. I think it might be hard for them to separate the real from the imaginary in their brain banks. But, that's just my opinion.
I didn't see it in 3-d just the big screen and THAT was worth it. I still like to go to the movies for movies like this kind. The home screen and sound system just doesn't do justice to it.

On, another layer, it's worth it because sometimes we really need a reminder of how fragile our existence is, on this planet. A meditation teacher once told me that in the grand scheme of things humanity is like a flea on the back of mother earth. When a catastrophe of this size does and will occur at some time it's important that we have said our I love you's. That we have tried to help one another and not just thought about ourselves. WHY? Well, if your belief system ends with this life form then it probably isn't important to you.

But, if you believe that a sacred part of you, moves on into another form, another experience, another lesson, then it is important to remind yourself why you are experiencing the HUMAN EXPERIENCE.

:)Bea Have a great day, you know the drill, do something creative it's good for your soul. And, while you are at it, call somebody and tell them how much they mean to you. THAT is good for your soul too.


  1. Hi Bea!
    I am glad you are well. Vitamins and positive thinking are priceless!
    Positve thinking is the best creation, ever. I believe in the power of prayer and with it is the power of negativity. If people all think the world sucks; it will.
    I am sure the mind makes matter and believe in 'Mind over Matter'
    I also believe that everything is already done, time is a made-made creation. These thoughts never stop me from doing my very berst to protect the Earth and love everyone on it. I always put myself to sleep contemplating my purpose and my effects. It is all so overwelming that I fall quickly to sleep. Then I wake up and do my best with this gift called life.
    I won't ramble anymore, although I could.
    LOVE, Lisa

  2. I made a mis-type: made-made=

  3. Yep, gotta see this movie now. These type movies do make you think don't they. Life is short. I learned that when I was in a wreck at 18 and realized just how close I came. As far as natural disasters, been in a few of those too and sometimes they come quickly and unexpectedly. That is why, like you said, we need to always be ready...always make each moment count...because you just never know when or what will happen in this world or in this life.
    Hope you are feeling better these days.
    Love your header, or did I tell you that already. The colors are so gorgeous.

  4. John Cusack has been a favorite of mine for many years and I do hope to find the time to see this movie on the big screen. I feel the spirit of Mother Earth more and more as I grow in age ...maybe it is appreciation for the colors of a morning sky and the ripples of water's energy ...too many to list this late at night but Human experience is a rare gift that we all need to be reminded of and time is the only gift we have to give. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. John Cusack!! Thanks Mary Helen. That's the guy. Great actor.
    Lisa, you just keep adding your prayers and good thoughts to the mix. I still believe that good trumps bad and good thoughts are trible in weight to one bad thought.
    Yvonne, were you in a car wreck? How scary. Thanks for the kind words about the header. I took that picture the other night. :)Bea

  6. I am keen to see this Bea, it sounds just up my street. I'm glad you enjoyed it too. I have heard nothing but good reports from those who have seen it.