Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So, what's the rush?

It's another GLORIOUS day in the neighborhood. Blue sky, sun shining and geese flying back and forth overhead from one cut field to another. Farmer Eugene cut the field behind our house yesterday. No sooner had he left, with his machines, than the young boys had their four wheelers out, going back and forth and around the field.
I figure the days are numbered for this activity.
It appeals to pre-teens because they can't drive. Teenagers might get a kick out of it once or twice but the field isn't that big and there really isn't a lot you can do but go back and forth.
I can live with it, they grow older every day. Soon, they will have a real car to drive, places to go, things to do and this will all be a fond memory.

I didn't get my driving license until I was 21 or 22, I forget. When my mother remarried my step father's family consisted of three girls, add me to the mix and one car that two adults depended on for getting to work and driving it was out of the question for us.
I remember my mother-in-law telling me how her father taught her to drive a model T in an old baseball field.

You know I can't remember how I learned to drive. I'm not sure Zeus taught me. I don't remember going to a driving school. Hmmm, haven't got a clue. I know I failed my test the first time when I stopped at the stop sign and didn't wave an old woman across the street, in front of my car. I guess my instructor thought I was being rude. I just thought she would take forever to get across the street and I wanted my test to be done.
Second time was a charm. Come to think of it Zeus did teach me how to drive backwards. He has such a sense of humor. The reality of it was we shared a driveway with the house next door and it was easier to pull out into the busy street, driving around the parked cars, then to back out.

What brings all this chatter about driving? I almost lost the rear end of my wonderful car to a man that couldn't wait a second or two for me to FINISH backing out of my parking space.
He did stop when he saw me almost out of the space then for some reason he laid on his horn and pulled around the back of my car, barely squeezing through what space was left.
What was the rush? I'm not that old. I sit up high and am quite able to see over the steering wheel. I wasn't taking a huge amount of time just a careful amount.
I am amazed these days at the driving habits of some people, that I see. The cell phones glued to their ears, texting, putting on makeup, eating, shaving, brushing of teeth and combing of hair.
I drove behind one mother who was trying to put a bottle, in an infants mouth and the infant was sitting backwards in the seat behind the mother! I decided to just pull into a shopping area and let her get waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of me, on the road.

I love to drive. It's why I love driving on my beloved back roads. I rarely pass a car and I can go as slowly as I want.
I was driving past this stream this morning and I had my window down and I could hear the honking of the ducks and the gurgling of the water as it passed under the bridge I was on.
I just pulled the car over to the side of the road, got out, took my picture and drank my coffee.
I had this overwhelming feeling of contentment. All was right with the world.
After the incident with the rude driver, in the parking lot, I had to reconnect with this stream.
Like my friend, Trudi, reminded me, we all have a choice, every moment about how we will react, feel and think.

:)Bea Choose to be creative today!


  1. I like the reminder to slow down..thanks

  2. Another super post Bea. I can remember learning to drive. My father bougt me a course of 10 driving lessons, then I had one a week until I could take my test (about 2 more months). I passed it, amazingly. In my first lesson, I don't think I got out of 2nd gear!! My driving instructor ran off with a young woman. Funny you don't really remember learning to drive!

    It was very liberating at 18 and I've always loved it. I can't drive long distances much any more because I fall asleep (tablets I take). Not a good plan when driving. xxx

    Thank you for the reminder. I shall try and think of staying calm and slowing down next time our hideous neighbour walks past our window and glares at me. Yes, glares. I wish evil things to him and her.

  3. Oh yes, why the rush, the journey is part of the fun! :) I'll take those back roads anytime!

  4. I never learned to drive until I was 22 and married. My husband did not teach me, but my friend. Now I think back to those days and wonder how I ever got around. I love to drive when it is night and the streets are quiet......

  5. Mim, we can always use that reminder, can't we? :)
    LOL Gina, that made me laugh, we wait and wait until we can drive and then down the road, ha ha ha, we forget how we learned. :)
    Oh, Yvonne, I bet you have some pretty back roads down there in Texas, right? :)
    Lee, I have found that recently my night vision isn't as good as it was so I'm not comfortable driving at night. I'll let you drive, where are we going? :)

    Thanks guys for stopping in and having a bit of a chat about our driving experiences and the journey. I'm so glad you are all in the car with me. :)Bea

  6. After all the years we've known each other and all the sharing--something else we have in common that is news to me---our driving background.

    My brother, Ken (2 years younger), was the annointed one when it came to a license and car. After all, he needed it to date. I wasn't even given the opportunity to drive the car (but I got plenty of field time on the tractor) until two years after we moved to WI when I was 20 and in college. Before my first driver's exam, I was taken driving for an hour in Platteville, WI which is a town of odd one-way streets. I flunked the first exam and the second. I finally got it on the third try. My Dad referred to me as the girl who could do anything but get her license. It didn't feel like a backhanded compliment.

    Before I had my license, I had to rely on my brother to take me to college classes and friends to bring me home if I wanted to party. Driving and having a car and license have always been huge symbols of freedom to me. I always have a little extra anxiety when the car is on the blocks because my independence feels severely curtailed.

    Love the picture as always and so happy for your sense of contentment. It's a big deal.

  7. Man, you think you got it bad being on the receiving end of bad drivers, try being on the receiving end (like me) as a pedestrian.


    And now, a driving factoid about me.

    Took me three tries to get my driver's license and once I was forced to study on a family trip to West Virginia. Both ways.

  8. Isn't that funny D, we've talked about so many things over the past 30 years but not driving! lolol :)Bea

  9. G, lol I feel for you, three tries, huh? Wisconsin doesn't have a rigid fried in the brain STOP at crosswalks like they do out in California. Here, they tend to zoom by and hey, you walkers, RUN!
    One day, many years ago, I was driving home and saw a young boy waiting to cross the street. I was in the driving lane so I stopped and waved him across. No other cars in sight. Then he suddenly JUMPS back on the curb as a car zooms by me, on the right, in the parking lane. He crossed the street and I caught up with the car at the next light. I blew my horn, motioned for the young girl to roll down her window then I yelled at her, "It's a good thing I'm off duty because I would ticket the hell out of you and give you so many points you wouldn't drive again. Don't you ever pull a stunt like that again. I've got your license number. I'm going to be watching you."
    She looked like a deer in the headlights. I hope she did better from then on. I hope she did think I was an off duty cop. I sure felt like one. :)Bea