Thursday, November 05, 2009

The road goes ever on.

"Lewis Carroll and the Cheshire Cat did NOT mean to reassure Alice that her amusing wanderings would result in her achieving something greater, but they do. Alice says that she doesn't much care which way she walks. Therein lies the truth of her journey. The road goes ever on, in Tolkien's immortal words, and we all have faith deep in our bones that it will take us where we need to go, if only we keep walking long enough." Stephanie Stoffel, The Art of Alice in Wonderland

This journey we are all on, this Earth bound journey can be very difficult for most of us. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it would have helped immensely if the creator has tattooed life instructions on our forearms. Easy to read, numbered rules, suggestions, directions whatever you want to call it so that we had some direction in what our purpose here was all about.
Instead we are winging it.
We might have some beliefs, directions from family. Some of us may have a road map handed out by organized religion. Some of us haven't got a clue. Some honestly think it's all about them.
Well despite my sarcasm with that last sentence it is, in my opinion, all about each and every one of us. Not in a hedonistic way.
Most of us have wandered so far off the path that we are looking around asking ourselves where am I? What am I doing here? Is this what I am supposed to be doing?
Now, come closer, grasshoppers, gather around the crazy old lady. Come sit closer on the tattered edges of my gown, listen carefully...............

No sound, no noise, close your eyes, listen to how busy your mind is. OBSERVE what is passing through your mind, tell it you will deal with that later. Be gentle. Don't ignore it, don't get upset with it, it's just doing it job but ask it mentally to quiet itself for a while.
Imagine a gentle, positive word like Peace or Love. Just place that word image in the middle of your forehead and look at it. When the mind says that this is boring, be gentle and tell it that you want to study the word. Watch the word, does it change in colors, shapes? What does it mean to you? Let the word drift off and let another calming word replace it.

Couldn't do it? It takes practice. It takes quiet. It takes even setting a timer for ten minutes and trying. KEEP TRYING. WHY, she/he whines?

Because, cuppie cake you can't hear your inner voice, if you don't train yourself to be QUIET, WAIT PATIENTLY and LISTEN.

There was a time when our ancestors did this naturally. That voice guided them. Suggested to them how to live, when to react, etc. Listening to the stream of voices, is what guided our great leaders, teachers, artists, musicians. Mozart once said that he could hardly get down all the notes that he heard from that stream of consciousness.

Those who meditate or practice prayer understand this quiet, receptive, waiting mode. They don't sit and ask questions or ask for things, they sit quietly, patiently, creating the space needed.

It's isn't mumble jumble. Learning this practice will help you understand the journey, your place on the path. You will start to TRUST your inner voice. You will realize that this is a partnership between you, in physical form and .......well, I'm not going to put a label on it. You assign what you feel comfortable calling it.

All I am asking of you, while you are walking the path is to allow some quiet time, some down time for your brain and LISTEN to your inner self, perhaps maybe your Higher Self, not your ego. To hear, feel, understand your purpose.

Zeus recently was telling me about a program he had been listening to that talked about why some people live a longer life. The commentator said that the people in the study that had friends, felt they had a purpose, were doing something good for others all seemed to be healthier and happier and living longer.

I'm not sure I would say this is a sure thing because I think we have enough environmental diseases that make even the happiest persons survival, a risk. That said, I do think the study has a point. Take the focus off of you, put it on people, the people around you, ask what you can do to help. Don't know how to do this. Try LISTENING to that inner voice, you'll get suggestions, ideas, thoughts that will work with your physical being and personality.

So, dear ones, TRY to be quiet for as little as ten minutes, or longer, a day. Try to learn how to quiet the mind and LISTEN. I wish I could take your hands and look you in the eyes and tell you how important this is for you.


"Your Majesty must excuse her, " the Red Queen said to Alice, taking one of the White Queen's hands in her own, and gently stroking it: " she means well, but she can't help saying foolish things as a general rule." Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There


  1. When I am quiet I am reminded to live "as is" not "as if". I try to remember that every day, also to remember to self nurture...that's part of that daily 10 minute "meditation" time.

  2. You've got it Yvonne. But, then you are probably a member of the Wise Woman's Hut. No youngsters allowed in there! :)Bea

  3. This is a great lesson, Bea. I am quiet about 15 of the 17 hours I'm awake. I could probably go days without talking at all, but that would be rude.
    I tell people I am thinking or praying, but really I am just waiting...
    works for me just fine.
    Can I join the Wise Woman's Hut?
    Love, Lisa

  4. LOLOL Bring your wisdom in with you and be sure to shut the door! :)Bea

  5. Thanks for your courage in talking about things that require faith and a personal commitment to walk alone into an environment where you must rely on what's inside. There is a rich world to explore and to guide us if we take the time you suggest to meditate. People need ot slow down. There is so much inside that we can rely on, if we know it's there — love, peace, creativity, understanding....thanks for being a great teacher.

  6. Well said Lucci! And, you are most welcome. :)Bea

  7. I have been away but am enjoying your Alice posts now. I like the 16 things - can relate to most of them myself...and this latest one - OK - I'll try.

  8. yes, some quiet time is needed. good thoughts for reflection.

  9. Standing still...very still is essential for the journey. I call them my porchswing meditations as I sit alone on the front porch and listen to the muses on invisible currents. Beautiful words from a beautiful person. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  10. Mim trying is what it is all about. :)Bea

  11. Ludid, sometimes just really getting into our art gives us that "quiet time", you know? :)Bea

  12. Mary Helen, I have a porch swing on my back deck. I find it very meditative. We are kindra spirits, we are. :)Bea

  13. Your post reminded me of two books "Where Ever You Go, There You Are" by Jon Kabit Zinn (I hope I spelled that correctly) and Robert Thurmann's "Inner Revolution" where he takes 27 pages to describe how deceived we are in thinking there is a "me".
    We "ARE" our thoughts, which to 'me' means, every moment we can choose to be happy. Or, in other words, happiness is always just a thought away.
    Posts like yours here, remind me that we are all a part of each other and its during those times where I feel the most gratitude and the best sense of inner peace.
    Thank you AGAIN dear Bea. Have you ever read "Peace is Every Step"? Another pearl.

  14. Oh, Trudi, what you write is so true. People get so caught up in where they are at the moment and forget that they have the ability and the gift to CHANGE everything with how they preceive something, how they want to REACT to something and so on. Our thoughts are very powerful IF we follow through in our actions and behavior. :)Bea

  15. Bea, my mind is now whizzing all over the place. I want to, I really do, but it's so hard. I can be giving and honest and fun when I'm with my 'morning coffee' ladies but when I'm with my daughter, it all goes out the window. Inner peace? Turmoil.