Thursday, November 19, 2009

One potato, two potatoes and a sweet potato more.

I thought I would share some of the art work from the local artists in Lima, Peru. These were not gallery artists but folks that set up their paintings, on the sidewalk, around one of the city parks. I kept thinking that the at least three of these would make great puzzles for a dreary Wisconsin winter.
Although today is rather mild the sky looks like it just wants to burst open and rain. I'm amazed that it hasn't yet.
I'm taking a day off from most all activity. I had a rough night with coughing and this head cold.
I ended up sleeping in my recliner for a couple of hours. If I remember from last year this "thing" seems to take 7-10 days to clear it's self out of my system. Today has been a series of naps and hot tea and soup.
I felt much better yesterday and ventured out to the local BBQ place with Zeus, for dinner before the UWisconsin B-ball game. By half time both of us looked at each other and decided to head for home. I was exhausted and Zeus looked very tired. I'm sure my coughing keeps him up too, at night.
I remember when my step sisters and I would fall ill and the night would be a series of one girl coughing after another until my mother came into the room with the teaspoon and the bottle of Terpin Hydrate.

"Uses.—Terpin was first physiologically investigated by Lepine, in 1855, who stated that it acted in a manner similar to the oil of turpentine. It has since been used in chronic bronchitis and in the advanced stages of acute bronchitis, especially when the secretion is unusually free. As terpin hydrate is not volatile and is relatively non irritant it seems impossible that, of itself, it can exert the characteristic effects of oil of turpentine. The theory on which it is employed is that it will be slowly decomposed in the body liberating the active terpenes."

I have never, ever in my life tasted anything as nasty as that stuff. To this day, if you come at me with a teaspoon of water I will start to sweat. Because that's what it looks like, harmless water until it burns it's way down your throat. It certainly stopped the coughing, though.

Tonight, I get to babysit Riley for Mary. Riley had moved on to sweet potatoes from pears and applesauce for her dinner. Last night Mary noticed a rash so it may be that she is allergic to those well loved sweet potatoes. I don't remember ever being told to watch for food allergies when I started my kids on baby food. I don't remember ever having any trouble with food allergies either. New age, new problems. I hope she isn't allergic because that child sure does love her sweet potatoes.

It's always so funny to me what a wide range of food my babies and toddlers ate and then as they got older they got fussier. Try to get a sweet potato into a 12 year old........not mine!
You would think I was trying to kill them. humph.........should have had a bottle of that old Terpin Hydrate around.

:)Bea Stay healthy, eat your sweet potatoes and CREATE in any order you want.


  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    I hope you feel better, Bea. (((((Bea)))))


  2. Aww thanks sweetie. I'm just really tired now. The coughing has stopped, I can kinda breathe but I'm just very low energy. :)Bea

  3. Anonymous5:39 PM

    There's a lot of germs floating around these days, so be careful and be kind to yourself.


  4. Hi Bea!
    If my sisters or I coughed enough to disturb our parents, mom gave us a shot of worked...and if you don't tell the government, I did the same. Nothing wrong with whiskey as medicine.
    Baby food...always made my own, from veggies from the garden. I don't think chidren are allergic to foods, I think it's the additives. The government started testing additives in the late 60's, maybe sooner, but my parents read and taught me to read labels early. There is trash in everything!! EarthBaby makes a wholesome baby food for folks that don't have the time :)
    Love as always, Lisa

  5. Thanks Lisa for suggesting EarthBaby.
    Right now I think Mary is buying an Organic baby food. I used to make my own and freeze it in freeze cubes. These days Mary, as a single parent, barely has time to pick up needed diapers. sigh....... :)Bea

  6. Thanks J, I'm trying to take good care of myself. I'm just so tired right now. This to shall pass. :)Bea

  7. You will never believe this but when I was small my granny gave us a teaspoon ful of sugar with 3 dropsof kerosene in it when we got sick with a cold or especially the flu. It got rid of it quick and I have not had many colds or flu as an adult. I think the sugar just broke the taste of the kerosene. I don't htink you can get kerosene anymore. I do not recommend this to anyone. I don't think you can get kerosene anymore anyway.