Monday, November 16, 2009

The Monday after the weekend.

I am still sick with a head cold. I think I have more energy than I really do. I'm not doing any lifting and carrying of stuff today, just putting away all the stuff that Justin carried up to the studio, for me. He worked hard, I have a lot to do.
Riley stayed over night with her Daddy, at his place. It was very strange not to come downstairs and have my morning smile fest with her. I miss the pumpkin which combined with the head cold put me in a weird mood this morning.

I decided to bring about a change by posting some updated pictures of the studio.
Actually, I'm going to post the link to the album and if you are interested you can go and see it. I dated the recent ones for you.

Michelle Remy, over at: has been continuing her Zetti quest. She got me thinking about the first time that Zetti Corkey, my alter ego appeared in my art work. I remember making the ATC back in 04' and at the time wondering why on earth I had written Corky did not want to be art, on the card. The figure is wearing glasses or goggles, his pointy had and a frame has been put over his head. You can see the original here:

I found a box with all my old ATCs in it. I was surprised at how many I did, that may have been following a theme, actually had a more personal meaning for me. By the end of 04' I was doing Soul Collage cards. I look back on my early ATCs and many of them can be moved right over to the Soul Collage pack of card. There is one, in that Zetti album I mentioned above that reads," It's cherishing every moment, It's being your own inspiration, It's a Life Lived Well."

Justin and family were down here for the weekend. Shari, after spending the week, as school nurse sending children home who were sick, ended up on my couch, sick, sick, sick. She was running a temperature and could barely move. I have since heard from her and the doctor told her she has H1N1 and gave her medications to take. Now, Mary says that she is feeling very achy and tired.
The kids on the other hand were in constant motion.

Hayden, Hunter and I made Hayden's Famous yesterday. Since the cans of biscuits had sat out on the counter for a while it was hard to pull the dough apart to make the triangles so we decided to make circles and make the usual filling but pull the other half of the circle over to make half moons. They were still a big hit. Hayden and Hunter learned a lesson is how to change the pattern. The world doesn't fall apart if you have half moon shapes or triangles. We just changed the name.
The Crazy Eight card game was played in the usual manner by the Neal men. Clean underwear was worn on the head. No, I have no idea how this tradition started. Perhaps it's a Scottish tradition, which would explain the "kilt" mystery.

We sent Justin and family off around 5:00PM only to greet Mary's friends, Alexis, James and their two children. Mary was cooking dinner for them. She invited us to join in but John and I decided that what my head cold really needed was pizza, beer and unlimited salad so we took off for Rocky's.

Update on Temporal Tapping
I did NOT chew on my fingers during the movie 2012. Normally, I probably would have. I did have some silliness going on with my cuticles so I had to change the positive message I was tapping to include the entire finger. I found myself, ONCE, last night, putting a finger in my mouth and IMMEDIATELY hearing a question in my mind, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Now, I have to say that's a first. Honestly, the habit is so ingrained that I seldom even know or realize that I have bitten a nail. To have a THOUGHT that loud in my head. I whipped that finger out of my mouth like I had been caught stealing something from the general store. I will continue to tap and see where this goes. If any of you are trying it I would love to hear how your success is going.

I can hardly keep my eyes open and it's only mid morning. I think Murphy and I will take a little nap after I down some more Vit. C with Zinc. I do NOT want what Shari had or has. Be well everyone.

:)Bea Create it takes your mind off your issues.


  1. I kind of like putzing around in the nest mess in my studio. I have gotten a very slow start this morning due to my methotrexate injection last night. I decided to rest and watch a movie and work on my stitches and have now chosen a new color to incorporate into my piece. I love the fact that you are using cobalt blue mugs and glasses for your assorted drawing instruments. I have been collecting miscellaneous vintage glasses from Goodwill and love the inspiration of sunlight shining through. My deer are growing numbers and I suppose I am becoming their entertainment for their afternoon chewing of the cud? Life is good today and your photos are spectacular. Ken just brought up the mail and my used 1990 book of PARIS SKETCHBOOK just arrived. I have wanted this book before I went to Paris but even out of order it is such a thrill to hold in my two little hands! Imagine and Live in Peace, continue to think out loud with your journey! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart Art Saves Lives!!!

  2. Ah ha! The mail has brought us both something interesting. I am holding or was holding Hundertwasser's book KunstHausWien. He and I are kindred spirits. I want my fiber pieces to look like his drawings. I love the color, the energy, everything.
    Have a good day. Stay warm. :)Bea

  3. Hi Bea, I hope the nap and vitamins have put you on the mend...
    While looking at your boys, I noticed how perfect your fridge is decorated (the underpants didn't faze me at all)
    Also I looked at all of your pictures and realized once again how facinating and inspiring you are!
    xox, Lisa

  4. LOL How funny, Lisa, I forgot you could click on the pictures and see more detail. Did you see me up in the right hand corner in the yellow shirt? That's me standing on top of Machu Pichu! I climbed it last October. Everybody worried about my new knees. I told them my new knees were fine, no problems, it was the extra weight I was carrying around that was going to do me in. lolol :)Bea

  5. My mail brought me something interesting, also. Thank you so much for the fabric postcard. It is beautiful! The fall colors divine. Thank you so much! What a wonderful surprise.
    I am so sorry all of ya'll are under the weather. Head colds, flu it all is horrible. I am wishing you a warm cup of tea, something warm like a muffin to go along with it, and rest lot's of rest.
    The kids are darling by the way. Let the ones who feel good wait on you!
    blessings and hugs.

  6. The photos of your new studio are wonderful!...surely your house seems very empty now that you can move everything into the new space?! the "Captain Underpants" look on the guys is a hoot!

  7. Of course, I LOVE the underwear shot!!! I have a similar one of Thomas with cartoon underwear. It's hilarious.

    The studio is FABULOUS. I knew you had a lot of stuff but it looks massive in the new space. I'm soooo happy for you--wish I was working in it, but still struggling to get everything that has to be done --done. (You notice you haven't gotten your birthday box yet.)

    I thought it was INTERESTING that you talked about 2012. Last night I came home and turned on CNN continuing coverage of the launch of Atlantis yesterday. It was quiet and beautiful to see the onboard camera shots as the ship moved through the atmosphere into space. Unlike your experience, this one was quiet and peaceful.

    Take care of yourself. Miss you.

  8. Wow, what a crazy shot of those 3 in their underwear!! I'm glad it's clean, I was worried.....

    I forgot to look at your studio piccies but did enjoy the original Zetti Corky ones. I still don't understand it though!