Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"Make a remark: it's ridiculous to leave all the conversation to the pudding!" the Red Queen

Lots of things are happening......I'm moving things into the new studio and trying to organize as I do it. The bulk of the actual moving of stuff is falling on my shoulders so it's rather slow going and that's ok. It gives me time to really look at what I have collected, treasured, love and scratch my head about. I can't say the toss pile has grown.

I met a fellow artist friend out on the road yesterday morning. She was running her dog and Murphy and I were taking pictures from the comfort of our warm car. She agreed that I had a lot of stuff and then added, "But, you need your stuff because you do so many different things." Bless you Peggy and may the Goddess keep you in paint, clay and glass products.

It's true I love all the different avenues I have explored and I have ideas for combining them in interesting ways. Zeus says I'm a pack rat. I am NOT one of those poor people on those reality shows that has stacks and stack of stuff piled all over the place. Ok, the fiber studio did have a goat path in to the sewing machine but it was all organized mess.

Anyway, moving off that topic and on to another favorite one, Alice in Wonderland. I've been collecting items for the studio hallway that I want to use to reflect the theme of the rabbit hole.

At turning points in my life certain symbols seems to creep into my awareness. Before my decision to have both knee joints replaced I was fascinated with trains. Zeus even bought me my own train set for Christmas.
I thought my lust for a train set had to do with creating a different environment for it to run in. I had gone to the train shows and looked at what I thought were sad, dirty looking 1930 scenes. Well made but it all seemed so depressing. Recreations of actual train depots, towns, etc. What I wanted to do was create the land of the ICE QUEEN with lots of glitter and fake snow and frozen animals. I no sooner got the tables set up in my old studio, got the train set up then it seemed like we were going to sell the house and build our dream house.

We were on the move..........like the trains.

We moved in our new home and my knees had gotten worse. Walking even short distances was painful for me and for people watching me. I didn't unpack the trains because I had no where to set them up. Instead I opted to have surgeries on both feet and then surgeries on both knees.

Two years and now I'm zoooooooooooooooooooooooming! I HAVE MOTION AGAIN.
Coming down from our seats in the movie theater, the other night, I turned to John, just grinning from ear to ear and said, "Did you see how fast I got down those stairs and look at me............LOOK I'M WALKING LIKE A REAL PERSON!!!!!!"

The symbol of a trains represent motion, change, new environments for me.
My great grandfather worked for the railroad from the age of 14 until he retired. I had free run of the train when we traveled on one. Although, I admit I did spend a great deal of time in the dining car, "helping" set tables and generally annoy the staff.

Alice's, rabbit hole is another NEW symbol for me. It's the falling into something unknown. A new space with amazing potential, excitement, adventure and a new journey. I've decided, for my own enjoyment and I hope yours to share my thoughts about Alice in Wonderland, over time in my blog.

Morpheus says, "You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole-goes."
-Andy & Larry Wachowski, The Matrix, 1999

(sigh, one of my favorite movies)

Ok, You know what to do people..........get out there and create! :)Bea


  1. i hope you will check out Maggie Taylor's work on Alice in Wonderland. You'll love it. Best wishes as you move in to your new studio.

  2. Oh what a busy Bea you are. (pun intended). I feel a little like you, waiting with baited breath until my studio is done, well, at least the floor, then I can start. I can't wait to get all my books assembled. I don't even know which ones I've got any more. And get my sewing machine set up on a table. Such fun, I know you'll be loving going through all your 'stuff' and sorting it out.

    What was wrong with your feet and knees? You were a brave lady and your comment to Zeus made me smile broadly. How wonderful for you.

  3. Take the red pill, the red one!
    wash it down with the red wine if you really want things to get weird :)
    It is great to have a reason to keep plugging away, isn't it?

  4. Ludid, I went to her website and it's just beautiful work. I think I will mention it in tomorrow's post. Thank you. :)Bea

  5. Oh Gina, I had painful bunions on both feet and both heels had calcium deposits on my tendon that prevented me from wearing any shoes that had a back on them. So, they cut and scraped and now I have new feet. The knees were just shot. Nothing left just bone on bone so I got new joints and LOVE THEM. :)Bea

  6. Lisa, shall we take the red pill together? Let's hold hands and JUMP! :)Bea You did remember to grab the wine bottle, right?

  7. I do so wish we lived closer so we could hold off those ney-sayers who warn us that we will end up on TV and the A&E channel. Sooo I have a goat path sometimes in my fiber studio but....I need so many design elements to perform my works. And I do believe if there was a witness they would testify that selection is a real performance. Count your happies! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  8. Dog in the hole...rabbit hole...red pill...Alice...trains...all I know is that I better hang on for the ride!!! WooHoo :) Bea, I'm just glad your feet and knees are better now! Motion! I think you should paint a big mural to indicate motion and/or a rabbit hole in your new studio! :)

  9. Mary Helen I knew we were kindra spirits or something like that. lol

  10. Yvonne, you know those ropes with hand loops the day care centers use for their little ones when they all go take a walk somewhere?
    Well,you just grab a hand hold and hold on tight, ya hear! We're in for TOAD'S WILD RIDE! :)Bea

  11. so glad you did find me, i chose the smallest bag as i am quite small, wasn't i the luckiest person to win that bag? your blog is very interesting, i'll be back!

  12. Gosh Bea, you did have a rough time of it with calcium deposits and worn out knees. I'm so glad you managed to get them sorted, that's brilliant.