Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Temporal Tapping?

I've been doing some stretching exercises to loosen up tight back muscles due to all the lifting and carrying of crap.......errrr SUPPLIES up to the studio.
While doing my arm stretches and slow body turns, from the waist, I started thinking about my tight scalp. Ok, remember YOU come here to read the babbling's of an old woman.
When I taught Yoga stretches to seniors and tense company employees, we often did neck rolls and facial stretches. The "silent scream" or Lion was often a favorite, especially of the women. It's a great stretch for the jaw which is where, unfortunately, MANY, MANY people hold their tensions and stress.
But, I couldn't remember anything for the scalp. Forehead was taken care of by eye movements but the scalp?
So, as I am oft to do when I can't find something or need some help I ask out loud for some guidance or direction. I find and this is my own personal belief system speaking, that those on the other side, that guide and help me through this life, are of great help in finding things.
I asked and let it be. Help would arrive I just needed to pay attention to when it did. I sat down at the computer desk and found myself staring at the books I keep right next to me. The Artist Way, Learning By Heart, Life is a Verb, etc. I'm not a fanatic but I do try to keep them neatly lined up, mostly because I use them as a support for the stuff that I pile on top of them. One book, Energy Medicine for Women was slightly out of sync with the others.
I pulled it out and stuck in between pages 74 and 75 was an old piece of paper.
Now, I've probably, over the years, stuck tons of paper into my favorite books.
Places that I think are important for me to find again. Apparently, at some time, must have been a while ago because I certainly don't remember doing this, I marked these pages. Curious?
"The Temporal Tap was used for pain control in ancient China, but it is now being recognizes as a surprisingly effective method for breaking harmful habits and simultaneously establishing desired ones."
It seems that if you tap around the temporal bone, beginning at the temples and traveling around over the top and down the back side of the ears, it will make the brain more receptive to learning while temporarily suspending other sensory input. It also relaxes triple warmer, the energy system that maintains physiological habits. All of this means that you can more easily slip in a new habit.
Imagine an arch that goes over the top of your ear and down to the base of your hairline.
OK, hold that thought now you need to identify a habit, an attitude, an automatic emotional response, or a health condition you would like to change.
DESCRIBE the change you would like to bring about in a single sentence, stated as an affirmation in present time, that is, as if the desired condition already exists. Might help to write it down. Here's one I might try......I no longer bite my nails. sigh (A nervous habit from childhood that has never left me)
"1. Starting at the temple, tap the left side of your head from front to back with the three middle fingers of your left hand. State the negatively worded version of your statement in rhythm as you tap. tap hard enough to feel a firm contact and a bit of a bounce. (I like that part) Tap from the front to the back about five times, making your statement with each pass.
2. Repeat the technique on the right side, tapping with your right hand, but this time using your statement in its positively worded form. (OK, WERE YOU PAYING ATTENTION HERE? First step you stated the negatively worded version of your statement NOW you are saying the positively worded form on the other side of your head)
3. Repeat the procedure several times per day. The more you tap in the affirmation, the quicker and stronger the effect on your nervous system and your field of habit.

The Temporal Tap combines a variety of powerful elements, including repetition, autosuggestion and neurological reprogramming. It affects not only the brain but also each meridian, so the message of your intention is carried to every system in your body. It is a disarmingly simple way to change many patterns that cannot be overcome by willpower alone."

I have NO idea if this works. Try it for yourself.

I'm going to give it a shot. There is no need for a "before" picture of my nails.
Trust me, they aren't pretty. I think I can do double duty here and work on the nail biting AND relaxing my scalp. This isn't rocket science, either it will work or it won't. If it does I have another tool in my LIFE TOOL BOX to use. If it doesn't work at least my scalp got a little activity with the tapping.

If you try it, let me know. Leave a comment or email me directly at

I wish you luck.

BTW, remember Christiane Northrup, MD? I think Oprah had her on her show a number of times. She gives a thumbs up to this book.
That was for you doubting Dora's who didn't trust me. :)

:)Bea Get tapping, it's another way to be creative today.

P.S. You know this isn't really that weird.

If you think about it when you eat something really cold, too fast and you get a brain freeze all you have to do is put your tongue up to the roof of your mouth and warm it up. The roof of your mouth is or next to the base of your brain. It stops the brain freeze.
Hey, that's from the horses' mouth, Dr. Oz!


  1. I'm confused between "over the top of the head" and "from side to side". If I can figure that out...I'll try it. Otherwise, I don't want to confuse my poor mostly confused anyway brain.

  2. Mim, think of where you would slide a pencil in your hair, over your ear. Make it a curve from your face hairline, up and over the ear (where the pencil would be) and down around to the base of your hairline, at your neck.
    I've been happily tapping away yesterday. Haven't noticed much except I don't remember sticking my fingers in my mouth at all, which is the whole point of this silliness. :)Bea

  3. this is adorable. I wish you could see me watching Oklahoma on the Turner Movie Classics channel and tapping my head. I look like I'm ready for an asylum.

  4. Keep Tapping Teri! I haven't bitten my finger nails since I posted this and started tapping. Unfortunately, I didn't quite say enough on my positive affirmations.
    I needed to say, I DO NOT NEED TO PUT MY FINGERS IN MY MOUTH. Period.
    I have done a number on my cuticles. sigh.......So, I changed up and now we'll see what happens. :)Bea

  5. OK, I'm with you on the tapping stuff - from my own NLP training.
    But, I NEVER have ever heard of the tongue on the roof of your mouth OR considered it was 'close to your brain'! Learn something new every day.
    GL on the nail biting.

  6. Trudi, Dr. Oz often has the most interesting health facts. NOT, that I remember them all but brain freeze is something I often get when I'm drinking a rum punch. Guess I get to greedy. lol :)Bea

  7. All good alternative info. I'm into anything natural and both of these are new to me. Thanks Bea.

  8. Well, I'm having a go. For as long as I can remember I've been a 'picker', especially of my cuticles. When I took my school exams I had plasters on every finger. So it this works, it'll be little short of a miracle.

  9. Anonymous1:34 AM

    I just wanted to let you know that the dental professor at my local university used temporal tapping on me in order to get x-rays done in the back of my mouth. My gag reflex is so strong, it was nearly impossible to get it done without this. I was also asked to breathe through my nose, open my eyes really wide, and lift one leg straight out. I know that sounds funny, but it's true. I can only imagine how I looked. I guess mentally concentrating on those different activities, combined with the tapping, re-directed my nervous system/energy and allowed for the impossible. Now if I can succeed to make a lot of money with this, I will be exstatic!