Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Like The Sound of Your Voice.

Catching up on things, I am.

The trip to the Urgent Care on Saturday and the medications I received seemed to have done the trick.

I'm feeling human again and not some strange creature from the bog. My voice still sounds like Lauren Bacall but that's ok. I need to make a new answering machine machine for my home phone before I loose this husky, sexy voice.

I may not remember a name but I remember voices.

When I hear my own normal voice recorded and played back I cringe, is THAT how I sound? I've picked up the Wisconsin "strange A" sound over the years. I don't notice it but family members that haven't heard me in a while point it out.

I certainly don't have a Southern New Jersey accent. My mother was fanatical about making sure that she and I did not sound like we came from New Jersey, whether it was north or south.

I can do a good imitation of a North Jersey accent if I really want to upset her.

Southern New Jersey is almost a different country from North Jersey. OR, it was 40 some years ago when I lived there.

When I met Zeus, his mother was living outside of Baltimore. When we would visit I would listen carefully to the locals and try to imitate the dialect. It was almost impossible, heck it was impossible.

It was also the first place I heard older women, in stores or restaurants call me sugar. When I lived in Boston the older women would call me, Hon.

I find myself saying that every once in a while to someone younger. It surprises me when I do.

My DIL is from Boston and I get a kick out of hearing her pronounce certain words.

My other DIL is from Minnesota and probably sound a lot like me, I'll have to ask her.

My grandparents lived their whole lives in the coal mining regions of Upper Pennsylvania. They were also Pennsylvania Dutch German. When I would visit them during the summer and come home, my friends would tease me because every sentence I spoke sounded like a question. Everything was very sing song. I rather liked it, it sounded happy.

English is rather a flat, boring language to my ears. I like the way it sounds when it isn't the first language, of a person. I like to hear the cadence change, the tongue do different things to sounds.

I stumble over a lot of words. Zeus gives me kudos for trying them but he is forever correcting me. I've grown used to it.

I swear English isn't my first language even tho I was born and raised here.

So, that's my entry for a cold, dreary, gray, trying to rain Tuesday.

I hope you are having a creative day! :)Bea


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  1. PA Dutch? I am fluent. If you could only hear it with an Italian accent, you would be...appalled, in a fun way.

    'Ach. I tink ve shud ave eaten hours ago, da spagetts, mangai...'

    I'm so pleased you are aut of das veeds, onest.

    Cin-Cin und Ciao,
    Lisa und eine besso

  2. What a fun post Bea. I want to hear your sexy voice now!! Quick, make that recording. My voice is naturally deep and a bit shaky. My accent is London I suppose with bits of Derbyshire and Norfolk thrown in! The only American accent I can do is Deep South, like the musicals. More rain today.

  3. Lisa, DARN YOU! You had me laughing so hard I started coughing again. lololol But, then again a good laugh is a great healing tool. Thanks, cuppiecake. :)Bea

  4. Gina, if you put me in a room with a Southern person I too start to sound like I've lived in the south all my life. Of course, as soon as I walk out the door it's gone. POOF
    Meryl Streep, I ain't. :)Bea

  5. Ladies I grew up in Kentucky...when I was in college I was told I had a speech defect because of my accent...I am so happy you are healing and feeling more yourself. Seth has created an incredible artistic feat where we can all share and learn from each other. Stay dry and warm so you can stay healthy! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen

  6. so glad you hear you're feeling better! It is so terrible to be sick. I love accents too, I am partial to the southern ones ;) I have learned to embrace a good southern twang ;) When i get tired or talk on the phone to my mom, I get more twangy ;) I think my favorite accent is the Carolinas....or Louisiana :)However, I flat refuse to say 'ya'll'

    happy thanksgiving to you!~!

  7. See what happens when I get too busy and then tired?! I find out my friends are sick, have been sick, and have been so sick they had to go to urgent care!!!!!! YIKES!
    Great post, Bea! You always have such interesting things to share and you are so informative. Thanks!

  8. So glad to hear you are feeling better. Speaking of accents...when I moved to California people always wanted me to say things like "oil" or "fire" or "ya"ll" just so they could hear my accent. :)

  9. Apparently I have the thickest Connecticut accent known to mankind....at least that's how a friend from Indiana describes it.

    I used to be able to do a basic southern dialect pretty good, and on the rare occasion if I'm talking with someone who has that type of accent, I'll inadvertantly slip into it.

    However, sometimes it's impossible to get rid of one. I do payroll for a particular employee, and even though she's lived in Connecticut for at least 30+ years, she still has the thickest southern accent (I'm guessing Indiana or Kentucky) you've ever heard.

  10. I just got over a little sore throat session/sinus infection, and my voice was compared to Vincent Price! People at work kept trying to send me home, but I am out of time off and saving what I have left for the B.V.I.!