Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Email questions answered about Temporal Tapping

I am entering the THIRD WEEK of Temporal Tapping. This has been so easy to do and folks I have nails growing!!!!!!!!!!!!. I was telling some friends about the technique and one grabbed my hand and said, "Oh, these look great and your cuticles looks great too."

I've had some email questions so I thought I would answer as many of them as I could right here. The answers are all quotes from the book Energy Medicine for Women by Donna Eden.

Questions from blog readers are in orange and my comments are in purple and quotes from the book in green.

Why am I tapping around my ear?
1. Tapping around the temporal bone-beginning at the temples and traveling around the back side of the ears- makes the brain more receptive to learning while temporarily suspending other sensory input. It also relaxes triple warmer, the energy system that maintains physiological habits. This allows you to more easily slip in a new habit.

Tidbit: In the 1970s, the founder of applied kinesiology, George Goodheart, discovered that by tapping along the cranial suture line that starts between the temporal and spheroidal bones, you can temporarily shift the mechanisms that filter sensory input. If you introduce a self-suggestion or spoken affirmation while you are tapping your mind will be particularly receptive to it. The temporal tap takes advantage of the differences between the left and right hemispheres of the cerebral cortex.

Explain to me why I do the negative on one side and the positive on the other and what if I mix it up?
2. The brains left hemisphere is more critical and skeptical than the right hemisphere. So statements made with a negative wording are in closer accord with the way the left hemisphere functions and are more likely to be assimilated. Those statements are tapped into the left side of the head.
The right side of the brain is highly receptive to favorable input, statements that are worded positively are tapped into the right side.


I want to cut down my eating of carbs. How do I word the statement?
3. Begin by identifying a habit, an attitude, an automatic emotional response, or a health condition you would like to change.

DESCRIBE the change you would like to bring about in a single sentence, stated as an affirmation in present time, that is, as if the desired condition already exists. It doesn't have to be a truth yet, but rather a statement that you would like to be a truth in the future. It usually helps to write out the statement.

Note from Bea: I would break down what exactly you mean by cutting down the eating of carbs. Not all carbs are unhealthy for your body. Broad general statements give your "mind body" a way of going around the statement. Narrow your statement down to one or two particular carbs that you feel you have a problem with over eating.

RESTATE the statement, keeping the same meaning, but with a negative wording (i.e., "no," "not", "never", "don't", "won't," etc.) Thus the "calm and centered" statement may be worded negatively as "I no longer get stressed under pressure."


Or how about, I eat for health and fitness can be negatively worded as I don't eat from anxiety or compulsion.

My fingernails are growing long and healthy can be negatively worded as I no longer bite my nails.

NOTE FROM BEA: I hope that clears up how to word your negative and positive statements.
And, remember to observe the results on a daily basis. If you need to tweak your statement do so.

I just don't get it how this works. I believe you but I just don't get it.
4. The Temporal Tap combines a variety of powerful elements, including repetition, autosuggestion, and neurological reprogramming. It affects not only the brain but also each meridian, so the message of your INTENTION is carried to every system in your body.

The author even goes on to suggest that she has used this method to help her establish clear boundaries with people. What she did caught my attention especially after this last bout with infection.

Given the nature of my work, at one point, I became very vulnerable to infections. It was as if my thymus gland, which is responsible for protecting the body from infection, was modeling its behavior after mine. I began to tap into my left temple the statement, "My thymus gland no longer allows foreign invaders to enter my system," and into the right, " My thymus gland vigilantly maintains strong boundaries that keep out foreign invaders." Not only did my susceptibility to infections decrease, my ability to set clear boundaries improved as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When the Temporal Tap fails, it is often because of how the statements are worded. The words need to be in a language that is comfortable for you. It is also important that the words be aligned with your values and congruent with your feelings, that you are not saying one thing while thinking another and that you are not attempting to negate a primal need.

Since the personal success I have had with changing the nail biting habit I am going to ADD
another tapping to cover the thymus gland and strong boundaries against foreign invaders.
I really do NOT want to be sick again, especially like I have been.
I also don't plan on discussing this technique any longer in my blog. I've posted all the information to get you started, you can probably find the book on Amazon and probably even a cheap used copy. I would suggest that you get it and see what else she has to say about heath and vitality.
I will post a picture of my manicured nails at the end of 30 days from when I started.

I don't get any kickbacks from recommending this book. I'm not selling used copies for people to buy on Amazon, what I am doing is sharing a technique, that I tried, to see if it would work and it seems to do so.

I have appreciated all the emails about the technique and I love to hear about your successes.

I won't create your statement for you. That's your job.

For those of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, have a wonderful day. I hope you are sharing it with family and friends.

I also hope that you are creating something every day.

Remember it gives your soul joy. :)Bea

P.S. Triple Warmer is one of the body's most potent and least understood energy systems. While the hypothalamus is considered the master gland because it helps regulate breathing, heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure and hormone production, it teams with triple warmer in carrying out all these functions. Triple warmer, among evolution's great success stories, is charged with keeping you alive in much the way your local police force and fire department are charged with keeping you safe. It govern three of the body's most extraordinary mechanisms:
1. The immune system
2. The emergency response to threat (fight, flee or freeze)
3. The ability to form physiological and behavioral habits for managing stress or threat.
Triple warmer's energies move in two ways. They follow along the path of triple warmer meridian and they also are able to jump from this pathway and instantly go to any spot in the body where triple warmer's help is needed. Triple warmer simultaneously functions as a meridian and as a radiant circuit and it carries the supreme responsibility of keeping you alive regardless of how hostile circumstances might become.


  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    hope you are feeling better...thank you for sharing the images of the "flower pot people" and the red barn. I love barns, and they are becoming an endangered species! looking forward to seeing your new glamorous nails & cuticles!

  2. I'm so glad this is working for you Bea. I am far to haphazard a person to remember this!

  3. Why thank you mysterious person. :)Bea

    Gina, it still amazes me. Now, if I can get it to keep me healthy heck I'm using it to lose weight, too! :)Bea

  4. Bea I have had three interventional radiology brain surgeries for three anueryms (spelling is totally wrong) and every tome I have another collaboration with my surgeon I can notice how differently my brain works or doesn't. I need to learn more but it does make sense to me in a strange way. I am a different woman after each procedure I have certain things I have to take time to retrain and relearn. I look forward to learning more but it is so late and we all have a busy day tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving! Imagine Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. There is still so much to learn about the brain. It is very interesting. I know they have literally cut large parts of the brain out due to swelling etc. and people have come back 100% just like nothing ever happened.

  6. Mary Helen I am amazed at three surgeries on your brain. I can see why some things need to be retrained. I'm just tapping on the outside, they are going in there messing about. ((gentle hugs))):)Bea

  7. Yvonne, sometimes I wonder if we truly understand how marvelous our bodies are. They seem to get in the way often, they don't do what we want, they aren't always the size we want but what amazes me is that we don't have to tell ourselves ever minute to breathe or tell our heart to pump, you know. Something somewhere inside of us is doing that for us. Bacteria live inside of us and some of it is healthy for us. We are absolutely AMAZING, aren't we?