Friday, November 27, 2009

Catching up on some news you might be interested in.

Land of Lost Luggage, with Julie Prichard. It's over there on the right hand side in my blog list.

Click and listen to her video about her classes she is offering. These are good classes. She's a great teacher, clear instructions, funny and there is a great network of participating students.

Julie is there to answer questions and there is no "silly" question.

I've taken Layer Love and LOVED IT.

I've taken her journal workshops and LOVED THOSE TOO.

I have unlimited access to the videos so anytime I think I have forgotten something or can't read my notes or just need some Julie time, I can join in the fun. If you sign up you will too.

Seth's blog, The Altered Page, also in my blog list, has a link to an International Paper swap, hosted by Woven Letters. You will also find that blog listed in my blog list.
It will start up again in January so if you are interested
go, read and leave your email
on her site.

Last year I came to late to Seth's Disintegration Collaboration but Kris Henderson is going to host an Erosion Bundle Project. You can find the information about it at,

Sadly, Julie P. a California girl doesn't have the Tree Collaboration people checking back in until April. Julie, Julie, Julie, our winter trees up here in the land of snow and ice are beautiful in Jan. or Feb. I may have to take a picture then anyway and post it on my blog.


  1. The erosion bundle project sounds so cool. I'll participate. I love something different! Thanks for the link Bea.

  2. OOoh, I'm glad you are, I am too.
    Keep that link because that's where you post your pictures on the days that you need to "report" in about your bundle. :)Bea

  3. I loved Julie's Layer Love class too. That class was so much FUN!

  4. Teri, I've worked with acrylics and gels for a while now but what I learned in her class was what to layer, when to layer it,which was all new to me and very exciting.
    And, wasn't some of the student work amazing? I was very impressed. :)Bea

  5. Thanks for spreading the word on some of the links from my blog. And I am with you...I will be posting a winter version of my tree too!!

  6. Thanks for the info Bea. You go post your tree in Winter, I bet it's gorgeous. The bundle project sounds cool. I'm off to see.

  7. I've signed up too, I so loved the 'disintegration project' and it was a learning project for me as to what worked best in my bundle.